December 09, 2021

Office games are competent, niche distribution of great wisdom! Ikbc new Poker2 report


If the traditional 104-key mechanical keyboard is currently contending, then 60% of the layout is ikbc's strengths. There are also other companies in China that have over-produced 60% of the layout of the keyboard, but most of the impact and popularity of the keyboard and the ikbc gap is relatively large. If you let the peripheral fan club vote out the most representative product of ikbc, I believe most will choose the Poker series.

The "Poker" series, as its name implies, is a short and fine welding like a card. It retains the functions and input comfort of the 104 keyboard to the utmost, compressing the area of ​​the mechanical keyboard to the extreme, making the mechanical keyboard satisfy the users who are pursuing the ultimate in portability. It can be accepted by ordinary users. I think it is not advisable to simply use the number of buttons to measure value, because then HHKB is not robbing.

Many people are misunderstood by 60%, and it is inevitable for those who have not been contacted. However, I do not agree with the picture on the fourth floor, the fourth floor.

Since there are many GH60 self-made products (customized) on the market in recent years, and it is also customized based on the 60% layout, it has a direct competitive relationship with the Poker series. This time, ikbc has launched a new version of Poker2 to a certain degree. It is also a counterattack on the customized GH60 on the market.

Ikbc new poker2 Type-C 61-key mini mechanical keyboard PBT key cap original Cherry axis black red axis 499 yuan Jingdong direct link

The new POKERII adopts a simple black carton package with anti-counterfeiting code on the left, and the two lower left two-dimensional codes are ikbc's official English/Chinese website. No way to distinguish the axis from the card suits used in the previous game, the new version of Poker2 can intuitively obtain detailed information from the side stickers.

The carton nesting method is used inside, and the new Poker2 body is in the small carton box. I prefer this kind of juxtaposition to the pearl cotton. It's no wonder that I can't say it out of the box. No cushioning measures such as sponges were used, but the packaging style of ikbc was the same, and there was no problem with reliability.

The new Poker2 accessories are very rich, including 6 two-color molded PBT key caps, extended wire pulls, instructions and two data lines. This is a black version, there is also a white sale at the same time.

The plastic cable is a dual Type-C interface and can use the new Poker2 on OTG-enabled mobile devices. It needs to support OTG functions such as one plus three mobile phones. The braided wire is an ordinary USB Type-A to Type-C. This design makes the insertion of the wire easier.

The physical color is closer to the gray and looks very similar to the old Poker2 launched in 2013. The first difference is that the new version of the keycap character is particularly thin and relatively seductive. However, there are still many changes in details.

The new Poker2 uses a very narrow frame design, and the gap between the key cap and the mold is controlled very well. There is no æ­ª axis and no unevenness. It is very uniform. The entire keyboard has only 61 keys, but it can complete many 104 keyboard functions.

Ikbc's PBT keycap is a quality and feel better in the mass production keyboard, this hand than many Taobao's "cheap PBT" keycap in the feel to be a lot of good (not the same quality as the material is Close to, everyone knows that we and Wang Jianlin body composition similarity of at least 99.9% right).

The advantages of the PBT keycap are not repeated here. Its deficiency is the problem of light transmission. It is too thin. The new Poker2 has a frosted finish on the keycap surface, which has a slight resistance to touch and does not feel slippery.

The original key cap has a nozzle behind it. The characters are laser etched. The durability is still to be tested. Since the more important combination function keys use side engraving and are difficult to be abraded, this problem is not significant.

The side of the new Poker2 presents a stair-like distribution, where the thread guide can be seen, the height design is reasonable, and normal typing can be performed without the aid of a hand rest.

The new Poker2 has left and right thread slots for easy cable management and does not allow the outlet section to be attached to the device when connecting mobile devices such as notebooks. The slot design allows the keyboard and the device to fit snugly.

The trapezoidal depression on the right is the toggle adjustment key:

1/2 switch: switch four button layouts (workman, Dvorak, Colemak, Qwerty)

On the 3rd: Off to exchange FN and PN position

4th switch: independent direction keys

Switch 5: Capslock and Ctrl are swapped for use by Vim

Switch #6: Win/Alt is interchangeable.

There is a similar umbrella or Ferris wheel in the lower left corner of the back, marking the two angles, playing a decorative role. The metal nameplate also made the new Poker2 a lot of forcing. It is worth mentioning that the design of the new Poker2 outlet has been greatly improved. A groove was designed to ensure the stability and aesthetics of the interface using a 90-degree bend Type-C interface.

Compared to the previous generation of Poker2 mini USB case inline, it seems very scientific. This connection is very easy to cause loss, the loss on the wire is still easy to solve, and the USB female base is damaged and repaired is more troublesome.

The Type-C interface solves the problem of forward and reverse insertion, while the Type C to C cable is well taken care of for future interface development and popularity. There is a certain amount of forward-looking. Not to mention the rapid growth of mobile devices, many motherboards now have a type-c interface (for example, my Z170 Kill4)

Due to the large opening, this opening has a hidden function: the mouse retainer. As long as part of the mouse wire is incorporated into the wire slot, the mouse wire will not run around.

The three primary color keyboards included are PBT materials. Using a two-color molding process, the white substrate used to display the characters can be seen from the bottom.

By comparison, it can be confirmed that the original keyboard is not a mother's (character and injection port is not the same)

It doesn't seem to violate after being installed.

The new Poker2 uses the Cherry Axis. I have a cherry blue axis and a large key satellite axis design. I feel very well tuned. There are no sounds for some brands to press them. The key path is neat and tidy.

Compared with the traditional 104 keyboard size:

Comparison with the mechanical size of the 87 suspension axis mechanical keyboard (the first one in the comment area guessed that this keyboard model has 3 gold coins):

Width contrast

Use experience:

About how much this new Poker2 can accomplish. At present, it is generally believed that the 87 layout is a reasonable compression of 104 keys, and the overall utilization of 87 is greatly improved after the keypad area is cut off.

After using the new Poker2, I think that 61 keys can do all 87 key functions:

Missing arrow keys for 161 keys relative to 87 keys are completed by Fn+WASD

2F1-F12 is replaced by FN+1~+.

3Home, End, Ins, Del, PrtSec, ScrLk, Pause buttons also have alternatives.

So I think Poker2 is a 61-key mechanical keyboard that is close to the full keyboard function. Only some keys with low utilization are used to express the key combination. (It's a bit of an uproar for a game like Need for Speed ​​14 to use a small keyboard to open the contest.)

Of course, if you can't accept Fn+WASD to control the direction of the game (this kind of situation is relatively small, most PC games use the mouse to control the direction, WASD control the direction) then you can set the four buttons in the lower right corner to up and down, the other is the same.

Actual combat:
1. Casual Parkour Brick-Moving Game: Sword Spirit

In a few copies of the non-mainstream run cool for an hour and found that for those who do not need F-zone games, Poker2 easily perform.

It was found that most of the games are so fixed a few keys, and there are not many keys to be used for a daily manuscript.

2. State-run black casual games: League of Legends

This test I chose to give senior loler: 6th grade video game pupils, the original space bar is used to break the loss / Zhongya hourglass, and lock the current control role is the F1 key, because there is no F zone here to change the space back to the initial Settings.

At the moment is to tell her that you do not have F1 can use this game, how do you like to change how to change the key position. In the first game she changed the ESC to F1, and the second game simply canceled the F zone.

The answer: "It's no difference, it's not the green axis." Because she didn't have the habit of moving teammates through F, the new Poke2 didn't affect her LOL.

3. A relative thinks that it only counts the accounts. In fact, if you want to run your legs, you must do it.

When a girlfriend who works as a cashier first looks at Poker2, she is also very amazed: “Can the keyboard be as small as that?” When it was time to rest during the Spring Festival, I asked, “Is this keyboard capable of your job?”

The girlfriend rolled her eyes: "Can the tricycle get on the highway?" I: "..."

For those users who need to quickly type in the number keys, Poker2's 61-key position is not suitable. Although the functions are integrated, the efficiency is not high enough.

4. Frequent vomiting careers: text editors

The old classmate A and I, who frequently modified the copy, spit to see how they spit, and then change it into a rougher one. After learning that I would give him a mechanical keyboard, he feels a lot better. After he tried it for a while in the office environment, he felt that there was no obstacle, that is, when setting some basic values ​​(table width, etc.), it was not a habit to use a keypad. The advantage is that keyboard programming can be used on the mac.

On the same day, A Jun brought Poker2 back and told me the next day: "The stuff that I haven't got off to work with, and I wanted to use it in the subway, I think it's really a keyboard... You know I'm a A low-key person, so I tangled in the subway and did not take it out for a long time."

I: "Is there a slap in the subway where you put it out as a brick mat?"

Finally, he commented on the new Poker2: "Yes, not bad. Very light, you can consider taking a business trip." Text entry will often change back, Poker2's basic direction keys are completed by Fn + WASD, right-hand division of labor is more reasonable , but also need to adapt.

5. Group of programmers: It's a pity that there are people who are temporarily unconnected. And as far as I know, different encoding software takes different keys. Experienced valued friends are also welcome to share their experience in the comment area.

About GH60:

The new Poker2 official price is 499 yuan, using a cherry shaft. For some players it does not feel offset.

So what is the price of the self-organized 60% keyboard in the market? Here's a comparison.

The realization of the GH60 is really a lot of shops, I did not want to deny the meaning of customized keyboard playability. Here's an example of a quotation:

The blue part is the price quoted for the interior. It does not include: keyboard shell, keycaps, and connection lines. Take the closest package as an example:

Also need to add some additional components, a start with the finished product 600. Of course, the GH60 can provide richer allocations (but there are only two or three of them available), including the pure allocation of the right shift and the HHKB allocation, so we won't go into details here.

The 499-priced Poker2 is a set of products, professional assembly line processing, after-sales quality inspection, do not need to own welding (Sure there are many people like to enjoy the kind of sense of accomplishment of their own welding shaft), and has three layers of programmable design This is the ikbc this new Poker2 trump card.

What Poker2 lacks is the LED lamp beads (Poker2 reserves the lamp for DIY).

In the depth of personalized customization, the new Poker2 is not as good as customization, but Poker2 is indeed better than cheap and easy, and it also set aside DIY space for players. The new Poker2 has become a cost-effective product.

General comment: Advantages:

Simple and beautiful, it integrates a complete 87-key function that is both portable and meets the needs of some gamers.

The interface design is better than the previous product and the same type of product on the market.

Three-layer programmable design, extending out of infinite possibilities, remove the appearance factors of the keycap shell, the new Poker2 has already led in the inner.

Feel good, satellite axis tuning is very good.


The degree of acceptance of the 60% allocation is the demand of the market. Only products are discussed here.

Ikbc's new Poker2 reference, and other products with similar prices on the market, I really did not pick any problems.

The only regret is that the laser etching technology of the keycap character still has room for improvement. In addition, this keyboard to increase the backlight, then you need to DIY lamp beads, although this is not difficult, but also can not stop the enthusiasm of the toss. However, consumers always have such a demand, isn't it?

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