January 22, 2022

7 plugins to let your Chrome fly with you!

I work as a consultant. The collection and sorting of various materials is one of the daily indispensable desk tasks, including the direct download of some videos and the content of the foreign language websites. The English is better, like some Korean, French, What's wrong with German? Therefore, this article is mainly based on my personal work needs as the main body, to collect some of the good use of Chrome plug-in (cheat) one (a) (heap) points (gold) to enjoy (currency).

01, Science Internet: iFly (paying)

The best scientific plug-in for personal use: stable; convenient; cheap; universal for mobile platforms. The plug-in fee standard is also very flexible, comprehensive comparison of the frequency of use, personal choice according to the flow fee, about 150 a year stable enough.

02. Translation: Word Translation (Free)

Select the text content, there will be a small green icon below, click to translate, and built-in translation tools for multiple websites, you can choose the best choice, this plug-in work but help a great deal.

03, Video Download: Video DownloadHelper (Free)

It's hard to avoid downloading some video data at work, but the video on the web page is difficult to download, and often need to check various methods, and it is not necessarily successful. Since VDH, it has become much simpler. It can automatically identify video files that are played on web pages. (Some website videos can be identified, but they cannot be downloaded properly. For example, Youku, others have not encountered it. Officially, they give support to websites that can check for themselves. ), Just find the corresponding video file in the list and download it with one click.

04. Content Collection: Instapaper (free)

Ever since Evernote began to cut leeks since August of last year, the registration of the two devices has restricted the use of many scenes. It was originally intended to be paid for unlocking, but the international version has always been used, and it is necessary to pay for the knife, even after discounting. Thieves expensive, the most important thing is that some extended use of super features I do not have access to, so no problem, but some information can not mobile phone, pad, computer interoperability how to do?

Instapaper helps, collecting data is convenient, multi-platform can be seen, synchronization is fast, and the content is downloaded directly to the specified account. The Chrome plug-in is free, I don't want it on iOS, it doesn't work on mac. Need to register and login, save it very convenient.

05. Content Acquisition: Evernote Clipper (Free)

Although the impression notes cut the dish is not kind, but do not use it for free, and most of the work notes are stored there, and everyone is familiar with it.

06, mouse gestures: Super Drag (free)

Drag and drop to open web pages, gadgets are useful to make up for the lack of Chrome functionality.

07. Tab page: Embark - New Tab Page (free)

Make your tabs beautiful and avoid aesthetic fatigue. Every new tag is a different kind of scenery. The body is in hell, and the eyes are in heaven.

These Chrome plug-ins bring me a lot of convenience in the work, allowing some of the relatively complicated workflow processes to become a one-click fool, and the improvement of work efficiency is also very large. As the saying goes: To be good, one must first sharpen his tools. Today, we will share private plug-ins for everyone, hoping to bring convenience to valued friends.

Buyaoyouyule, suiyinzifengshangba.

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