January 22, 2022

G.SKILL Trident Z RGB Magic Light DDR4 3200 C14 16G Package Memory Unpacking

Aunt Zhang's offer broke the link:

domestic New pre-sale, starting at 0: G.SKILL Trident Z RGB Magic Light DDR4 3200MHz 16GB (8GB × 2) Desktop Memory Kit 1149 yuan (50 yuan deposit) top light bar, can be overclocked to 4266MHz. Jingdong new starting price, the price of 1299 yuan, 50 yuan deposit can be reached 200 yuan, to hand to pay 1149 yuan. The value of Friends broke the original: Original odd RGB memory Jingdong shelves immediately began to pre-sale 50 arrived at 200 yuan TridentZ is the flagship of Chichi's flagship series, positioning is higher than Ripjaws, TridentZRGB is the introduction of 2017 with light section of memory products, not in Vision Boundary | Value 296 Comments 168 Favorites 69 Direct Links View Details

As an installed old driver, I have been pursuing the most striking LED lighting memory. From Micron to Yuki, from Ukih to Pirate Ship Platinum Ruler, from Platinum Ruler to G.SKILL Trident Z RGB Series Phantasmagorium DDR4 3200 Frequency 16G (8G x 2) Set, this is a perfectionist Toss the road.

G.SKILL Trident Z RGB Series Phantasmagoric DDR4 3200 Frequency 16G (8G x 2) Set Desktop Memory (RGB Light) 1499 yuan Trident Z is the flagship series of Zhiqi, positioning higher than Ripjaws, Trident Z RGB is a lighted memory module introduced in 2017. This Trident Z RGB 16GB kit, model F4-3200C14D-16GTZR, contains two 8GB, 288-Pin desktop specifications. DDR4 3200MHz frequency Jingdong direct link View encyclopedia

But remember! Avoid! - "Poor car, rich watch, silly 13 playing computer"! If you want to use a computer with a lamp to pull 13 sisters, it's a completely wrong technology tree. Only indiscriminately photographing the steering wheel wearing Panerai's spicy method is the correct way to install 13 methods.

Reasons to purchase

Samsung B Die, Samsung B Die, Samsung B Die, Particle: Samsung K4A8G085WB (8Gb B die )!

RGB LED Dream Lighting Effect! RGB LED Dream Lighting Effect! RGB LED Dream Lighting Effect! This time, the lighting effects can't be called the marquee. It's just like a stream of water. Three-inch time!

Jingdong self-starter, lifetime warranty!

Above said, do not want to use this memory to install 13, ask your own heart, as long as there are three words: "I am happy", you can rest assured that bold buy! buy! buy!

February 6 Jingdong starting pre-sale, deposit 50, Zhiqi Trident Z RGB series of phantom 戟 DDR4 3200 C14 8Gx2 16G sets that Samsung B Die version probably sold 270 sets after the out of stock. On February 13th, the final payment of 1099 was made, and the total price was 1149. Then it was shipped the same day and Valentine's Day on February 14 was delivered to Acacia in the same day.

Appearance Gallery

Like most Trident Z memory packs.

It seems that Aunt Zhang’s thumbnail has been so small that she can't see the bar code.

It is still the classic black-gray two-tone aluminum alloy vest with TZ memory, which is thick, but it is not screw-fixed and it is purely glued.

Zhiqi's heat-conductive adhesive may loosen after a period of time, but there are plastic parts that will not immediately fall off the vest, personally believe that the kind of screw with a platinum ruler fixed vest is better, and the corsair's vest viscose is also very firm.

Silver gray black double-sided memory.

After turning on the power, the default special effect is called “water flow magic”.

Shooting video visual effects

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