December 09, 2021

Future OLED costs are expected to be significantly reduced. LGD will build the world's first ten-generation OLED factory.

We all know that LG Display (LGD) is very optimistic about the rapid increase in demand for OLED TVs, so it plans to build the world's first ten-generation OLED panel factory. After the start of production in the future, the cost of OLED panels is expected to drop significantly.

Future OLED costs are expected to drop significantly. LGD will build the world's first ten-generation OLED factory

According to foreign media reports, LGD decided to upgrade the existing P10 plant in Paju, South Korea, into a ten-generation OLED factory, and has developed a sedimentation equipment for the ten-generation plant with the cooperation equipment supplier YAS Qiaotuo. YAS has experience in building sedimentation equipment for LGD's eight generation OLED plants, which will accelerate the development of equipment for the tenth generation of plants.

The upgrade of the P10 plant is expected to be completed in the second quarter of next year. For example, the cost of a six-generation OLED plant is estimated to be $881 million. The P10 plant will spend about $2.64 billion on LGD, but if the demand breaks out as expected, LGD will occupy The most advantageous location. For the above report, LGD confirmed that the tenth generation OLED equipment is indeed under development, but the construction plan has not yet been finalized.

In fact, LGD is also evaluating the possibility of investing in the new 10th generation LCD factory. Since this is the first time LGD has tried to invest in the 10th generation OLED factory, LGD has seriously considered investing in the 10th generation LCD factory and accumulating enough experience before 10th generation. Investment in OLED plants.

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