January 22, 2022

I'm not a singer. I'm a judge--yuein Pop M's review

The friends who seem to be around know more or less about such things: I don't like festivals, and I hate the New Year.

Simply this year's 30th, I changed the name of WeChat to "Lin sir (Shutdown)", and then did not return a New Year's call WeChat, did not receive any New Year's greetings - of course, did not send one.

I know that the blessings that many people have given me are hand-to-hand. I am very careful. Thanks very much ~ but still did not reply, because I'm too tired - friends, what do you want to say, you do not have to wait until that day to say, at any time ~ can include me, like, at any time, why not Is it a day when we are tired in all of China? I know you are tired too

The reason you are tired is that you think everyone is doing this, not gregarious or ignorant - these are rational, since ancient times. However, my waywardness also has my own reasoning. I think that no reason for gangs is anti-intellectualism, and blind obedience without thinking is foolishness. I prefer to use my own temper and I don’t want to become “for them”. Live stuff. This kind of living method is also tired. Many times it will be overkill, and it will be unacquainted with human feelings. However, this method of tiredness is my pleasure because it is my life. I can only find it myself.

Next year it will still shut down and continue this selfish way of loading. Really - you may as well try it. The sky will not collapse, but you may be able to relax a lot.

In short, this year is like many years of the Lunar New Year. After all, it has come. Many years have passed, many things have changed, and there are many other things that have not changed.

Let's take moving iron headphones for example. Let’s think about it this way: From 2007 to 2017, ten years have passed. There are many brands in the middle that seem to have many models playing “cost-effective” cards, right? Everyone has something to buy and sell every year. If this effect is really increasing, then the TF10's three-unit flagship earbuds, which cost more than 3,000 yuan, should be much cheaper at the same level. Now more than a thousand can buy that level of things to meet this algorithm? The results of it?

Look at the product prices of the Shure, Weston, and Iron Triangle brands to know the result: a unit is roughly a thousand or so, two units are still about two thousand, three units and four units or three thousand up and down - basically Ten Mao Yongye’s look for a pair of moving irons is as strong as the list of actresses in the Spring Festival Evening. Feng Gong’s phrase “I want to die you” echoes in my ear again. It seems that the time has not been fixed. ......

During this decade, there were a lot of moving iron ear plugs that sold for just over a hundred, right? Ring iron headphones two or three hundred is not in the minority, on the Taobao to search, then a variety of "DIY" is cheaper no lower limit. However, mainstream brands are still priced as they are, and several new domestic brands are just 30% cheaper than foreign brands. why? Why can't it be cheaper?

It is simple, the market demand is small, the cost of moving the iron is high, and the two reasons plus one is enough. As for those deceiving workshops, they play with them. If a brand with a sound quality from Eighth Children has to do well, and it cannot sell many items in a year, it will inevitably maintain its profit margin. Otherwise, the New Year will be sent to the world. The New Year's WeChat didn't save. If the company loses, it won't be there in the future.

Not to mention the fact that the market pricing is actually a consumer. If you have a good reputation, even if you increase your fare, someone will buy it, and if you do, it will also be a hit on the street.

Before the show was done, this brand to be said today is afraid that many people will feel strange~

Brand: yuein (music)


Unit number: four units

Selling Price: 2980

Hong Kong really, this brand name is really very general, a domestic manufacturer is, there is a rustic degree with "flying flower" quite a fight, in order to break into the consumer circle, sell into the mainstream brand, then the name of the light people feel Didn't expect it... Fortunately, there is a circle called “The Enthusiast Circle”. This is a group of people who are extremely unsatisfied in aesthetics. The desire to seduce purchases depends on the sound of hearing and the inaudible force. It's easy to do a lot

Here is an old-fashioned old man forced:

UU, the founder of the ear plug, I know he was in 2008, was the imperial meeting of the headphone everyone (I also said UU moderator how so young, now nine years later, he is not considered young), also The appearance of 78 people is the August 15th day of the Lunar Calendar. The reason why I remember so clearly is because a buddy poured herself into a purple face and was carried by us to the Beiyisan Courtyard. Everyone saw the moon in the operating room outside the middle of the night. ... It's round, big, really special... It looks good.

After that time, UU and I maintained an average of one or two years to see a gentleman's turn (said that he is a gentleman really blame it, but his temperament is indeed a gentleman), looks like it is about 2010 before and after, he Say that he wants to be an earplug that can satisfy himself.

Six or seven years later, I saw this plug and counted the next few days. Even if it was a time span, it was enough to have a second child....It was really slow...it was a slow work and a day...

UU is not the same as me, I play with headphones is more of a kind of perceptual play, not seeking depth just to look at the Three Kingdoms like to see all the various princes ups and downs; he is even more technical men, what to play with deep drilling Research, playing and throwing himself completely thrown in - and then we must do it yourself, and then engage in such a long time before the completion of the work, that the flower of the mind less anyone can not believe, so his things I really Quite looking forward to.

Looking forward to anticipation, the first ear was somewhat confusing, because before I got it, I guessed the sound of this plug based on my understanding of him. I think there are two possibilities: 1. The flow of vocal women, after all, this Liang Jingru is a product (at least I remember when he used to be), and personally, I personally hope that the market can be more female poison to the stopper; 2, the same price quality killer.

As soon as the results were heard, both sides did not rely on it. The quality of this plug was not bad, of course. There was no problem at this price point, but the characteristics were not so good. In addition, I was very tired as soon as I reached the New Year's Eve. It was equal to today. Summarizing the ugly, the right to list the views for your reference:

1, POP-M this plug, the box reads "This is pop music!", font aesthetic is very much "fans" and also shows that this stopper is not playing classical, not playing the opera, or specializing in popular.

2. In fact, this range is not too small, everyone understands pop music is not the same, like the taste is very different from each other. In simple and crude terms, some people admire the sound of resistance to hearing, some people like to stimulate the movement, like to listen to cold, warm, light, thick sound have it.

3, POP-M voice is generally more solid, not tend to light, hard bridge hard horse hard work, the first ear may not feel amazing to most people, and that this style of things is not obvious. A little bit more than the low-frequency sense, moderate sense of speed, does not sound like a boom, of course, if you change the sponge sets, people with light taste may feel this sense of a little more, from the ring iron headphones ancestors 5EB that kind of "package "Oh," the realm of course is still far-fetched.

4, IF, the reason is not good enough, because this IF is too damn interesting - I take this stopper to listen to many singers, there is a feeling of a new understanding of this person, not to say more dyeing, in fact, this IF It's quite real, and it's true that it's more real than a lot of plugs to monitor the taste. Why? Listening to the plug is to tell you, here is the singer, here is the instrument, you can figure it out; POP-M is in the instrument With rigorous restraint, the singer was thrown into the KTV box and sat next to you singing. You sipped the wine and tilted his legs to listen to ~~~~~~~

I have been to KTV with several singers. I don't know people's names when they are not famous. When I arrive at KTV, you will find that these people are divided into three types. One is that you can't sing and you pull two friends out of you. If you can't do it, you will compare him to it. If this number is willing to sing K with you, it is to tell you clearly, "Hey, if you break this level, I'm an artist who doesn't rely on sing." ~~ It's also generous; This is a recording studio master, singing is actually very real, just enter the KTV to stop the dishes, from the status to the play are overtime dishes, sing live 80% are not good at (remember there is a return to Tong Li on the TV seemingly to play weak? This means); The third is that the record is not bad, and you also feel that you have enough to leave the recording studio, but the disadvantage is where you can hear it.

——Because of the KTV's place, reason, there is no good equipment in the later period, it is easy to expose the flaws of a singer, and the technology is useless.

Apart from exposing defects, what's even more interesting is that he is right next to you. He doesn't see anything across the screen. You look at his throat and feel his voice from close and real. This feeling and listening to the record The difference is just like the difference between playing ordinary games and playing VR games. The immersive experience is very different. It only means that...

The fun of POP-M lies in the fact that he can give you this kind of experience--I'm sure that the plug's true value when I'm writing here. Faye Wong concert tickets are all broken, you only spend 2980. You can bring all the singers to your KTV box and let them sing and sing. Don't hurry to order! ! !

5, off topic, pull back ~ ~ ~ ~ POP-M research and development details I did not ask, right and guess guess that "double-diameter mixed acoustic tube" is their small trick, so created a "hit one It is an ordinary flat-resistant choke iron earplug. However, when it comes to vocal, it feels that although there is no staining, it is equal to re-recognizing the singer, as if sitting in the KTV box with TA, while sitting and singing. The little tricks are easy to unconsciously capture the playful effect in mind. I have heard a lot of earplugs and headphones, but none of the plugs are of this type. Only this point, this plug is worth remembering.

6, the quality of the embarrassing seemingly did not mention, do not say it is not good, so analogous to it: analysis and sound field with gray yellow, N40 like three thousand plug a horizontal line, similar to the market price is similar to the displacement of the car is also close The horsepower is also not bad, POP-M's low frequency is relatively better, the image is relatively more solid, high frequency is not so delicate or beautiful plug.

7, since it is an interesting plug, then there are some interesting shortcomings: this ear plug to listen to male voices overall better than listening to female voices, of course, I said the disadvantage is not this, but - some singer's flaws, in this section The plug will be magnified. For example, if someone listens to other plugs, it will be okay for you to reach this plug. The paralyzed idol singer couldn't stand it; for example, somebody thought you recorded this album well. Take this stopper again and you could just take the table again: Woerday! How is this cargo arranging so arduous, recorded 80 times before it was recorded like this?

Hey - see it? In fact, what is this special committee? ! !

Of course, a good singer will make you think, "Oh, this kind of sensation is very bright for me to sit around and sing to me." But flawed ones are easy to expose defects, and even big ones can make you unbearable - and this The plug does not actively amplify any shortcomings but simply changes the atmosphere of the song, so those who were originally covered do not have to say hello and they reveal themselves. So you can do as much as you can with the music of the little fresh meat and idols. Take this stopper and get a glimpse of the traces and the level of reality in the later period (it's bad enough...)

what do you say that is? "Double-diameter mixed sound guide"? Remember is really bad, fun is really fun ~~

At the end, this plug is a bit of a demand for the front end, iphone6s to deal with most of the earplugs more than enough, here is slightly not enough thrust, can not hold back the game, it is recommended with the national brick, the sound of the bottom of the upper body complement more pleasant, the sound of the bottom half of the body It is more solid and easier to pick out the wrong KTV effect. Anyway, I have seen the source of picking the front end, such as this front-end audio singer vocals are picking, really first time to see knowledge.

I think this plug is worth a try...······················································································· ·································································································· ···································································································· ···································································································· ························································································


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