October 24, 2021

Wireless presence sensor design to create a safe and convenient smart home

Silicon Labs announces two new wireless presence sensors and smart socket reference designs for the home automation market. These IoT networking solutions make family life safer and more convenient. And energy efficient.

â–²Pre-certified presence sensors and smart socket solutions use Silicon Labs multi-protocol Wireless Gecko technology and ZigBee mesh network protocol stack.

FCC and UL pre-certified reference designs are built for Silicon Labs' reliable ZigBee "Golden Unit" Home AutomaTIon (HA 1.2) software protocol stack and multi-protocol Wireless Gecko system single-chip (SoC) series. Future connected home products provide all the hardware, firmware and software tools you need.

Silicon Labs' presence sensors and smart socket reference designs help home automation equipment manufacturers and developers accelerate time-to-market, reduce system cost and complexity with state-of-the-art ZigBee mesh networking technology. A reference design for this comprehensive solution, developers will be able to use pre-certified wireless technology, open source hardware design files and industry-standard software protocol stacks to quickly transition from concept to final product while also being verified Test protocols and manufacturing methods.

The presence sensor reference design is a slim, pre-certified ZigBee HA 1.2 solution with a passive infrared sensor with wireless connectivity and ambient light and temperature/relative humidity sensors from Silicon Labs. Presence sensors are key components of residential and commercial security systems, as well as other home/building automation systems, that can be automated through inspections, such as switching lights. The miniaturized, battery-powered design of the presence sensor (two AAA battery sizes) is very energy efficient and can run for up to five years before replacing the battery. The sensor's detection range extends to 12 meters (nearly 40 feet) in the case of a 90 degree window.

The Smart Socket Reference Design is a complete, pre-certified wireless control smart socket solution for powering and controlling a wide range of home and building automation products. The smart socket is powered by the AC mains power line and communicates wirelessly with the ZigBee mesh network. The smart socket design includes the following features:

â–² Built-in diagnostic and measurement functions, providing a user-friendly web interface for easy wireless control and current/voltage monitoring from mobile devices

â–² Wide AC voltage range (110-240V), can use and support reliable 15A load current worldwide

â–² Integrated high precision sensor: ambient light and temperature / humidity

â–² slim design: 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 4.0cm

Both reference designs use Silicon Labs' EFR32MG Mighty Gecko SoC to provide advanced multi-protocol wireless connectivity for home and building automation. The Mighty Gecko SoC's energy-efficient architecture includes the high-performance ARMR Cortex-M4 processor and 2.4GHz transceiver with integrated power amplifier and balun to deliver +19.5dBm output power Suitable for ultra low power wireless transmission applications.

Mighty Gecko SoC runs Silicon Labs' powerful Golden Unit ZigBee PRO certified software protocol stack and ZigBee HA 1.2 certified application, enabling networked devices to reliably join, interoperate and leave the mesh network and be on the same network Connect several to hundreds of nodes without costly rewiring of existing systems.

Because both reference designs use Silicon Labs' multi-protocol Wireless Gecko technology, developers will be able to implement forward-looking home automation designs to support current ZigBee and future IP-based Thread networks. The Thread-ready reference design can easily handle OT ZigBee updates or upgrade to Silicon Labs' Thread protocol stack.

Related reference designs require a Silicon Labs ZigBee gateway or a HA 1.2 compliant gateway. Silicon Labs' Simplicity Studio development tools support system configuration, debugging, low-power optimization, and software application modifications for reference designs, which developers can download for free.

Silicon Labs' on-site sensor and smart socket reference designs are available now, including complete schematics, place and route, and bill of materials (BOM).

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