December 09, 2021

Thousand Yuan machines are more than enough, you can also request more - Charm Blue Note5 user perspective evaluation


Thanks first! Thanks Meizu for providing 100 Charm Blue Note5, let me have the privilege of personally experiencing the most spectacular one-off physical measurement since joining Aunt Zhang! Thanks to Aunt Zhang for letting me go for the first time to experience mobile phone products in the public beta!

Unknowingly mixed with Auntie for almost 3 years, wrote some originals and also passed some testimonials. However, I still haven’t measured the phone, but I’ve never written a mobile-related original. It! Lazy is part of the reason, but the other part is really not willing to follow the routine to write a mobile phone original, because a mobile phone I bought, must be what I want, or for price considerations, or Is it because of brand belief, or because of cost-effectiveness and so on, then in this case, we get the phone really will test run point? At least I will not! So I think my article is not a real evaluation, but an actual user experience.

In this round of test applications, I pretend to be a member of Meitu Party, but I really regretted writing the report. Although I was trying very hard to make good pictures, there was still a gap between the actual picture quality and my imagination.

Out of the box

â–³ Routine business, get his heart peeled off layer by layer

â–³ The most loved yellow tape, full of aunt's affectionate friends

â–³ Concise white packaging

â–³ Young good product, clear product positioning

â–³ This time I received the Silver 32G version

â–³ All accessories

â–³ This card pin is very delicate, the shape of the Flyme logo, and the texture of the workmanship are all excellent.

â–³ charging plug, the same is meticulous workmanship, excellent texture


â–³ Charm Blue Note 5 has a total of four color combinations, namely Champagne Gold, Star Grey, Moonlight Silver and Glacier Blue. If the phone is positive, the most prominent one is the iconic HOME key.

â–³ Meizu logo on the back is very prominent, integrated metal body to enhance the texture, and the other 3D sandblasting process is not only feel good, non-stick fingerprints easy to clean, shiny light is very soft.

â–³ Rear 13 megapixel camera, Æ’/2.2 aperture, although not large, but as a thousand level mobile phone, is still good enough for everyday use

â–³ The volume control button and power button on the side of the camera are designed in the same color as the camera body.

â–³ The metal chamfering process of the border is a full expression of the quality of a detail. A little bit of design, forcing the grid to improve immediately.

â–³ bottom from left to right are speakers, USB port, microphone and headphone jack

â–³ Several mobile phones together, Charm Blue Note5 did not feel cheap, but they beat the nuts (before this, I used half a year nuts, the main machine failure repair, came back after the nuts have been too lazy to let go, the system experience is still good )

â–³ On the appearance, there is absolutely no difference in the visual quality of Charm Blue Note 5 and fruit machines.

â–³ The front bezel also uses the metal chamfering process. Charm Blue Note5's HOME key supports mTouch, which includes fingerprint recognition, mBack, Home key three functions.

â–³ exquisite card pin, could not help but take a more

â–³ Full Netcom dual card dual standby, supports SD card storage expansion, can insert two Nano cards or one Nano card and one SD card at the same time

Screen effect

â–³ Charm Blue Note 5 uses a 5.5-inch full HD screen, 1080P resolution is not the mainstream, but enough for daily use

â–³ Screen display is acceptable, pure and colorful

â–³ Blue is always quiet

â–³ Sit down and have a cup of tea.

System Experience

â–³ System interface

â–³ Theme beautification, involving themes, fonts, wallpaper, and ringtones, is a good choice for young people who like personality, and is inexpensive.

â–³ system upgrade

△ The pull-down selection function of the fast switch is very practical. For these several commonly used functions, there is no need to go to “setting” to make the selection.

â–³ High-contrast text, although it is an experimental function, but it is very practical, especially for the elders, so it is not just young people, but also middle-aged good

â–³ Two very useful auxiliary function settings, floating ball and gesture control. The suspended ball shape is similar to IOS's AssistiveTouch, but its function is like a virtual joystick. Up and down, left and right, stand-alone double click respectively correspond to different functions; gesture control allows you to quickly wake up the application, snapping is faster!

Standby situation: As the owner of Zhang Aunt Tianjin, she has become a serious user of WeChat. All day long, as long as time is available, WeChat communication never stops, but the Charm Blue 4000mAh battery fully guarantees the use of the day.

â–³ System operation and auxiliary functions experience video, operation is smooth, and fingerprint recognition is very sensitive. HOME key and suspended ball greatly improve the user experience.

Taking pictures

The camera function may be the most frequently used function of the smart phone in addition to WeChat - and it has crossed any age limit, regardless of the age of men and women, are using mobile phones to shoot, in order to record life ~ Therefore, camera function and actual Performance is also an important factor in the purchase of many users.

â–³ Flyme system comes with a very comprehensive camera function, for the average user's automatic functions can fully meet the needs; for advanced users, you can manually set the various parameters manually to obtain more photos in accordance with personal preferences. In addition, beauty, panoramic, slow motion, and motion pictures are also very common features!

â–³ manual function can be ISO, focus, exposure compensation, treasure pairs, contrast and many other features set


â–³ Compared with iPhone 6, the gap is still obvious. In general, the color is relatively insufficient, and the white level is not accurate enough (when the ambient light source was warm light at the time). In the case of poor light, the noise is more. However, relative to the positioning of thousands of machines, this level is still acceptable, be regarded as law-abiding, as the user still hopes to go further.

â–³ color reproduction, saturation is also good

â–³ In the case of acceptable lighting, detail performance

â–³ The exposure is still very accurate

â–³ In the evening when the light is normal, the details of the fluff on the bear's blade are fully displayed.

â–³ macro effect is good, true reduction Mao hair eye detail

â–³ If the noise control can be further improved, I believe that the quality of the photos will be greatly improved ~

PS: Why not go outside? Since the receipt of the mobile phone, the haze has not stopped, so...


â–³ Beauty is divided into four functions: eyes, face-lift, microdermabrasion and whitening

â–³ LD has no love for heavy beauty, but uses 30% of the eye, face, microdermabrasion, and whitening respectively. Look carefully to see if the differences are different. fine! Look!

Write last

The first time I wrote the mobile phone test, did not run points, do not play the game, just write from my own most practical experience, and finally sum up the Charm Blue Note5!

Charm Blue Note 5 as a thousand yuan smart machine brings the basic experience of not losing the flagship model, I believe it can meet the basic needs of the vast majority of users, and for advanced users, as a preparation machine is also a good s Choice. The mobile phone itself is rated as satisfactory from the material, workmanship, appearance value, and system performance, which brings a good experience. In addition, the camera is rich in functionality. Although there are obvious differences in the quality of photos compared to IPhone, it is also in line with its price and market positioning. If you really want to find some obvious shortcomings, then the screenshot shortcut can be counted, while pressing the "volume-" and "power" keys on the same side must be operated with both hands, although there is a shortcut switch for screenshots, but for the habit In the case of the shortcut key shots, this is an anti-human design. Moreover, after using the nut Smartisan OS, the editing function is very dependent on the screenshots. Flyme has further room for improvement in this regard!

This picture also comes from Charm Blue Note 5, and predicts the next original - Elvis Presley OTR!

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