December 09, 2021

IMAX Chief Business Development Officer: Value the experience of Chinese users

"In the next few quarters, we will set up the first 12 or so IMAX VR experience points around the world. There will be at least two or three in China."

“We will create Chinese-approved VR experience content for Chinese consumers, which is different from the existing VR offline experience.”

"We will provide a highly interactive, high-quality VR experience that breaks the current embarrassing situation in which VR hardware and content are mutually constrained."

Today, IMAX Chief Business Development Officer Robert Liszt made a detailed interpretation of the development plan for China's IMAX VR next year.

IMAX Chief Business Development Officer: Value the experience of Chinese users

How much is IMAX determined to come to China to do VR?

According to Liszt, IMAX VR will have the following actions in China:

1. The $50 million first-phase VR fund raised by IMAX will have at least $15 million for the development of China's IMAX VR experience content, including:

Cooperate with Chinese filmmakers to produce VR movies in combination with large-scale content;

Cooperate with Chinese game publishers to invest in game content;

Direct investment in China's excellent VR content production;

Investment cooperation for special effects, design, etc. required for VR content production.

2. Choose two or three locations in China as the pilot area of ​​IMAX VR. The specific location may be a commercial outlet such as a multiplex cinema, shopping center or commercial center.

3. It is expected to complete the effect test of two IMAX VR pilots in China in the middle of next year, and then further determine the content and consumer price provided by IMAX VR theater based on consumer feedback. Currently, IMAX is expected to provide content based on games, videos, and videos for 10 to 15 minutes.

4. The IMAX VR experience point will adopt a modular and detachable experience cabin form, which will divide a number of different “functional areas”, make actual adjustments according to the site requirements, and provide customers with many different types of virtual reality experiences.

In addition, IMAX also said that the IMAX VR experience content in China will have more "Chinese characteristics", for example, using Mandarin form and making VR experience content according to Chinese consumer habits.

From the perspective of partners, the current partner of IMAX VR, China has a lot of figures, such as the Chinese Culture Holding Group, Light Media and the investment company of China National (Huairou) National Film and Television Demonstration Zone. IMAX said that Chinese partners have contributed a lot to helping them choose the content that best suits the tastes of Chinese consumers.

IMAX Chief Business Development Officer: Value the experience of Chinese users

They all use their heads to watch movies. How does IMAX VR intend to attract people to leave the house to the cinema?

Why are you going to the cinema to watch a movie? In addition to audiovisual effects and atmosphere, one important reason is social. However, VR viewing may subvert the form that the cinema has developed to date.

IMAX CEO Richard Gerd said: "In the past 50 years, IMAX's mission is to attract audiences of all ages to leave the comfortable sofas at home to go to the cinema to watch movies." But if you and your friends went to IMAX VR Experience points, and you wear the head to show each play, which is undoubtedly contrary to the original intention of IMAX development.

In today's interview, IMAX's chief business development officer, Robert Liszt, said that the content experience provided by IMAX VR in the future will be centered on "social".

“The content provided by IMAX VR in the future will emphasize social and consumer-real interaction.”

For the challenge of IMAX in the field of game content, Liszt used Star Trek as an example to illustrate the similarities between movie content and games. He explained that many movie content is very similar to the game experience in VR development. Users not only sit in a chair to watch videos, but also participate in the development of the movie plot in a similar game. In addition, IMAX VR is also taking the form of multiplayer online, allowing consumers to socialize with other people in the virtual world.

IMAX also said that in the next three years they will work with partners to produce at least 25 interactive VR experience content. This content will also be applied to all VR platforms, including the IMAX VR Experience Center.

In the face of China's current large and small VR offline experience museum, Robert believes that IMAX's existing film and television partners will be one of their biggest advantages; IMAX has formed itself in hardware equipment, stadium maintenance, channel operations, etc. A set of solutions, the same applies to the IMAX VR experience point.

The Lanting number of domestic VR film and television has said that the current VR film and television company can not only do content. In the case of no standard of technology and hardware, the best way is to do hardware by itself, forming content-hardware-software platform integration. s solution.

IMAX has similarities in the layout of VR.

IMAX Chief Business Development Officer: Value the experience of Chinese users

On the hardware side, it is understood that the head-mounted device used by IMAX VR provides a 210-degree full-circumference field of view – twice the size of other VR headsets currently on the market.

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