October 24, 2021

Get on the train! The old driver started friends ~ Youku video TV version of the most contaminated "Mars intelligence agency" struck ~

With the advent of the New Year, people on Earth have entered the national carnival model, not to mention enthusiastic Martians. The Martians here are not Martians you imagined, but this year's Internet variety show "Mars Intelligence Agency". The "Mars Intelligence Agency" is designed to indulge in all new and interesting discoveries, with special agents as the units, guarding proposals, and warring groups. Confucianism. Activate the potential of all people's insights and make you happy with Mars!

In the atmosphere of the program, the Mars Intelligence Bureau was defined as a foreign intelligence agency, with Wang Han as the director to lead the affairs of the bureau. As a representative of Mars agents, the star regularly reports to the director of new and interesting new discoveries, and gives constructive proposals, triggering a wave of national proposals.

Here you can see the love song prince Zhang Yuhuan old driver, dirty pollution ~

The most talked about in the singing is Duan Zi, and Duan Zijie is the most likely to perform "Xue Hong" Xue Zhiqian.

Even Hua Hua, Brilliance Yu are logged Martian mad show driving skills, but almost overturned. .

Friends of the audience for the topic of Shen Mengchen, more is its fragrant dress.

Smart TV users can install "Youku video TV" version, you can see the "Mars intelligence agency" alone broadcast ~
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Of course, you can also install the "Sohu Video TV" version by installing the sofa butler on the sofa butler client.
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