November 27, 2020

What if the led desk lamp is broken? How to fix if it is not bright?

LED table lamp, because the light source is LED, LED is a DC light-emitting device, theoretically speaking, the light emitted is different from the light emitted by our previous generations of light sources. The traditional light source includes energy-saving lamps and metal halide lamps. , incandescent lamps, etc. are all exchanges, will follow the frequency of the civil grid input current, change (China is 220V, 50HZ grid), so the frequency fluctuation of the exchange makes the traditional light source will strobe, long-term work under this source Learning can hurt your eyes. If you use the LED desk lamp, you don't know how to choose. Not all LED desk lamps are not strobed. If you use a rechargeable battery, the LED panel will not directly see the LED bulbs and no glare. It is the ability to protect the eyes until the protection, please be sure to choose the surface to shine. The other is to use LED desk lamps driven by constant current power. This kind of product, you don't know what you are looking for, or you need to find a reputable manufacturer to buy.
Led desk lamp
As the saying goes, everything has a bad day, and the led lamps are the same. I believe that many people will encounter such an unexpected situation. Although led desk lamps have long life characteristics, they may also be broken. Then the led desk lamp is broken. There are mainly those situations. What should I do if the led desk lamp is broken? This problem should be solved according to the reason. To see what is caused, it is necessary to remove it from the root cause. The repair is affirmative and cannot be achieved. To throw away the degree of use, since it can be repaired, it also saves us a cost, why not do it. Xiaobian has a lot of coups here, in the following about the led lamp repair method will share with you.

First of all, we have to look at the extent of the bad, if only the lamp bead of the lamp is broken, it does not light up, it means that there is a problem with the resistance, this requires the replacement of the lamp and the resistor. As for how to change the law? This is still a special repair shop to repair it. If you are changing the lamp, you should follow the instructions on the lamp at that time. The size and style of the lamp should be consistent to avoid a safety accident.
In the second case, all the beads are not as bright as before. This means that the battery inside the lamp is broken. You need to replace it again. Also check if the line connecting the battery and the power supply is broken. The connection cable is broken, the replacement is OK. We can't repair it. There is no equipment and facilities, and we can't find the repair method. The solution is only replacement.
In the third case, the light strip cannot be switched normally. Generally, the desk lamp will have a switch between dark light and bright light. If this is the case, there may be a problem with the controller. Check the interface carefully, if there is any looseness. Or not reliable, is the governor broken, if the governor is broken, you need to replace it, as long as the interface is tightened firmly.
The fourth most common situation is that the light strip is not bright. This non-lighting is divided into partial non-lighting, or all is not bright. If it is partially unlit, there are many such situations, or the circuit is in transit. In the process, the short circuit, or the voltage caused by the lamp bead is broken; or the welding process is not connected during the transmission, if this is the case, the section where the lamp bead is not cut off when the power is turned off , ready to insert the two-way plug into both ends.

The fifth type, if the charging circuit is broken, cannot be charged, and can only be used directly. This kind of lamp is very easy to break, and it can't be used every time it is rushed. If you are lucky, you can buy it for a long time. Due to circuit design defects and the position of the switch is not obvious, the user accidentally inserts the power supply charge at the switch position where the light is turned on. At this time, the surge of the capacitor step-down circuit causes the internal power supply to undershoot or dry up. If the tube is subjected to a reverse breakdown voltage greater than 5 volts in a certain state, one or more of the LEDs of the plurality of lamps in parallel will be damaged. Because of the breakdown, all the light-emitting tubes are in an electrical short-circuit state, and the small table lamp is assumed. The internal battery has electricity. Or you can charge the small table lamp again if you can charge it. In this case, change the socket or change the place to find a socket to charge and try to see if the light is not bright. If you try to change the place, it will be bad. Then find a socket and plug it in. By default, it is charged, rush for a few hours, then watch How long can it be used? If it works, then charging is good! Use the light, then recharge it, see if it can be bright, can't be charged, if it can be bright, the indicator light is broken, and some indicators are not charging, full of light, pay attention to Now!
In addition to the above LED desk lamp is broken, there are actually many unexpected situations. At present, these are the most common ones. This also requires careful maintenance and care, avoiding water and avoiding too many lights on the switch. This will affect To the use of lamps, how to solve the problem in general, most people will be discarded when the led desk lamp is broken, and buy one again. This method is not impossible. Since we advocate environmental protection, it is also very important to be able to repair and reuse. Good treatment.

With the continuous upgrading of terminal consumption in smart city, LED lamp pole screen, as an indispensable information carrier in smart street lamp system, is welcomed by many media companies and government agencies.

LED light pole screen is mainly installed on the street light pole on both sides of the highway and the street. Because the light pole display screen has the characteristics of synchronous reception and synchronous playback, no matter how far the car goes, it is always accompanied by the HD light pole display screen. The lamp post display screen not only has unique advantages in road guidance, road condition broadcast, information release, advertisement promotion, etc., but also plays a considerable role in alleviating the fatigue of automobile drivers on the highway.

LED light pole screen

LED intelligent light pole screen can quickly get the favor of consumers, which comes from the following natural advantages:

1. It has multiple control modes of WiFi / 3G / 4G / network cable, and the Internet can update the display content of light pole screen remotely, which is simple, fast and convenient

2. The high-definition intelligent lamp pole screen adopts the best three in one technology of waterproof and UV resistant SMD in the industry.

3. The intelligent LED light pole screen presents a full outdoor high-definition and high-definition picture. It uses RGB deep gray processing to support the point by point annotation function to maintain the consistency of advertising content and color brightness. Let the color of the advertisement more gorgeous, the picture quality more high-definition exquisite.

4. The lamp pole screen body is equipped with fixed stiffener plate, which can be tensile, shockproof, self cooling, and extend the service life;

5. The high-definition intelligent lamp pole screen has the protection grade of IP65 and is not afraid of any bad weather.

Lamp Post Pole LED Screen

Led Lamp Post Pole Display

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