January 20, 2021

Beneficial major asset restructuring deferred resumption of trading

On April 29, Shiyida (002137) announced on the evening of April 29 that the company originally planned to resume trading on April 30. In view of the fact that the relevant preparatory work for this acquisition has not yet been completed, the relevant issues involved in the acquisition plan still need to be completed. A lot of coordination, communication and confirmation work is carried out, and the relevant content of the acquisition plan still needs further discussion, demonstration and improvement. Upon application by the company, the company's stock will continue to be suspended from the opening on April 30, 2015 (Thursday).

The company promises to disclose the major asset restructuring plan or report before July 2, 2015. The company's shares will be resumed after the company's board of directors deliberated and announced the major asset restructuring plan or report.

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