April 17, 2021

[Brand Power·Smectic Optoelectronics] EMC Packaging Trends and Solutions

At present, the mainstream package material on the market is PPA, and the new package material EMC (epoxy molding material) is obviously different from the former. The former is thermoplastic and the latter is thermosetting. Smect is also one of the few manufacturers in China that can independently produce EMC scaffolding materials.

Sima De Optoelectronics Project Director Zhang Luhua

EMC has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, UV resistance, high work efficiency and high cost performance. In the future market competition, high temperature performance will make more indoor lamps use EMC packaged light source; excellent UV resistance will make more outdoor lamps use EMC package light source.

Smect's current series of EMC3020/3030/2016 products can achieve dense patch, with reflectors and related lenses, can achieve COB light source effect, higher light efficiency, but the price is greatly reduced. I believe that the good stability of EMC also determines that EMC packaged light sources will have a larger market in LED backlights.

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