November 27, 2020

Member companies such as Jingke Electronics (Guangzhou) participated in the 3rd China Electronic Information Expo

On April 9, 2015, Asia's largest electronic information comprehensive exhibition - the third China Electronic Information Expo opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of “Intelligent New Era, Digital New Life”, this expo focuses on the information consumption field and displays the entire industrial chain of electronic information. The member companies of the Federation represented by Jingke Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. participated in this grand exhibition.

During the exhibition, Dr. Xiao Guowei, President of Jingke Electronics (Guangzhou) gave a speech titled “TV Development Trends and Backlight New Technologies” at the “2015 China (International) Flat Panel Display Industry Conference”. “2015 China (International) Flat Panel Display Industry Conference” was jointly sponsored by Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Industry Association, Nikkei BP, and China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association LCD Branch. The theme is “China's flat panel display industry is taking off”.

Dr. Xiao Guowei, President of Jingke

The flat panel display industry is an important part of strategic emerging industries and the pillar of the electronic information industry. As a core basic industry to promote the development of the information industry, in recent years, China's display industry has shown its industry scale, technology level, innovation capability and industrial chain supporting construction. The gradual improvement of the other aspects, the flat panel display industry to complete the basic layout.

At present, from a global perspective, new technologies and new products in the flat panel display industry are constantly emerging. However, there is still a certain gap between the flat panel display enterprises in China and the international advanced level in terms of production scale, technological innovation and industrial support. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission promoted the “Three-Year Action” plan for China's new display industry, and promoted enterprises to accelerate the mastery of LTPS and Oxide backplane production technology, and promote the development of TFT-LCD in high-resolution, low-power, narrow-frame, etc. Structural Adjustment. Break through the key process technologies such as AMOLED backplane, evaporation and packaging, realize new applications such as AMOLED panel mass production and flexible display, strengthen forward-looking technology research, layout holographic, laser and other display technologies as well as new display materials such as carbon-based and quantum dots. The conference aims to discuss solutions to the above-mentioned major issues and promote the sustainable development of the flat panel display industry.

During the meeting, Dr. Xiao Guowei introduced the new product dynamics in the TV market in 2015, the development trend of new TV products and the new BLU backlight technology. Among them, the new technology of BLU backlight was introduced. Participants fully understood the new product technologies of Jingke's new R powder, QDs and white chip CSP, and demonstrated the strong technical research and development strength of Jingke. (This article is the electronic submission of Jingke)

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