January 20, 2021

Amazon Box installs third-party apps on Android phones

The Amazon box installs the sofa butler on the phone. Other models of the Amazon box can also refer to this tutorial.

Installation process 1 download APK copy U disk → 2 U disk into the box → 3 open the box "resource management" → 4 to find the installation package → 5 to find the sofa butler APK Download and install

1. Use Android phone to download and install the sofa butler mobile version: http://pub.shafa.com/download/shafa_mobile.apk;

2, then follow the method shown in the figure to install;

If the mobile version cannot be searched, please confirm whether the ADB debugging option is enabled.

Check the method is as follows:
Enter Setting - SYSTEM - Developer Options to confirm that ADB debugging is "ON".

If the installation fails, restart the device and try again by following the steps. Still have questions please add the following sofa butler official QQ group.

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