November 27, 2020

“Smart Change 2015 Wins at Minnie” Sichuan Dealer Conference Successfully Held

[Text/Chengdu Station reporter He Xinling] On April 11th, the 2015 Minnie Sichuan Distributors Conference and Smart Product Launch Conference was held in Chengdu Yixin Hotel with the theme of “Intelligent Change 2015 Winning in Minnie”. Li Junjie, Chairman of Minnie Lighting, Liang Lei'an, Assistant to the Chairman, Gong Jiyong, General Manager of Minni Lighting Sichuan Operations Center, and distributors from all over Sichuan attended the meeting.

Li Junjie, Chairman of Mini Lighting

At the meeting, Li Junjie, chairman of Mini Lighting, gave a detailed explanation of Minnie's 2015 strategic plan. This year, Minnie Lighting's strategy can be divided into two sections: First, launch the "interactive alliance" model, expand the number of stores, and enhance the store image; Second, introduce the O2O model to fully enhance the terminal profit model.

The so-called "interactive alliance" is the factory and the dealer together, the dealer and the dealer together to strengthen the alliance, to leverage each other, to fight side by side, to solve the things that you usually do but dare not do, will not do. This year, Minnie Lighting not only has to improve the number of stores, but also constantly improve the image of the store, presenting it to consumers with a new look.

Gong Jiyong, General Manager of Minni Lighting Sichuan Operations Center

In order to protect the interests of dealers and comprehensively improve the terminal profit model, Mini Lighting decided to launch the O2O model and differentiate its online and offline products, which will not deviate from the pace of the e-commerce era, nor will it affect the sales of physical stores. At present, Minnie has established the “Qingbei Sunshine” brand for e-commerce, and has a high sales ranking in Jingdong, which has received enthusiastic attention from consumers. The concept of selling products that are separated from online and offline products is also highly recognized by dealers.

It is understood that since the establishment of Minnie, it has won the favor and joining of many dealers with excellent design, superb quality and excellent service. Up to now, Minnie Lighting has thousands of high-quality specialty stores nationwide, and LED lighting products have been accepted by consumers with the expansion and sinking of Minnie Lighting sales channels. At the same time, Li Junjie, chairman of Minnie Lighting, advocated service upgrades, facing customers with five-star service, free on-site design, installation, free cleaning, and lifetime home repair.

In addition, Minnie Lighting released new products in the first quarter of this year, including LED bedroom lights, living room lights, ceiling lamps, downlights, etc. Several of the smart LED living room lights were received by dealers and consumers. Widely concerned, it can achieve Bluetooth control and can change the color of light with the rhythm of music.

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