October 24, 2021

Storm mirror latest vr one machine Matrix exposure, 3K?

On December 9th last week, Cover Media hosted an event in Chengdu that met “The Future – Summit Conversation Kevin Kelly”. At the same time, the guests also attended Feng Xin, CEO Feng Xin, and Kevin Kelly and Feng Xin conducted a dialogue discussion on “VR”.

It is reported that Storm Mirror will release the news of the new one on December 20, but did not know too much related news at the time. Interestingly, the conversation between Feng Xin and Kevin Kelly revealed some footprints.

Storm mirror latest vr one machine Matrix exposure, 3K?

In the photo, Kevin Kelly and Feng Xin each held a product packaging box with a storm mirror LOGO, and the word "Matrix" was printed on the box. The name “Matrix” has never been used in the previous products of Storm Mirror, so “Matrix” is the VR all-in-one that will be released on December 20th.

Feng Xin revealed three pieces of information in his conversation with Kevin Kelly. First, Feng Xin said that the ideal weight of the head is about 100 grams, and the current three major head weights (about 500 grams) are too heavy, the market should consider reducing the head weight to 200 grams. Second, Feng Xin said that the current head display is 2K screen, the definition is not enough, the next stage should use 4K screen, but the market can try 3K screen first. Third, Feng Xin said that the problem of vertigo should be further resolved.

Coincidentally, last week's Storm Mirror revealed that the upcoming all-in-one machine will have further improvements in weight, clarity and vertigo, which is consistent with Feng Xin's above three points. According to this speculation, the Storm Machine will release the all-in-one Matrix, which weighs about 200 grams, and it is likely to use a display with a resolution of about 3K.

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