June 24, 2021

Smart industry is so beautiful, the famous factory has a high score

The rapid development of the Internet of Things and the higher demands placed on the technology by the harsh industrial environment have pushed the industry toward a more intelligent direction. The gradual transformation of China's social industrial structure and the introduction of government policies have also added to the development of smart industries.

Benefiting from the rise of the smart industry, it is bound to drive large-scale business opportunities in the industrial market, such as chip makers, board-level and system integrators, and terminal equipment vendors in the industrial sector. In view of this, the “Second Smart Industrial Innovation Application Forum” hosted by Electronic Enthusiasts Network kicked off on July 18th, and invited 11 international guests such as Intel, Freescale and Ansonmei to come to the site. And invite industry leaders, market analysts, authoritative technical experts, representatives of high-quality enterprises, and the middle and lower reaches of the industry chain to discuss the important issues related to them and analyze the industry trends.

Smart industry is so beautiful, the famous factory has a high score

Gloriously: Intel Rio's IoT market

The Internet of Things is predicted by many people to be the next hot trend in the technology industry. The Internet of Everything will bring great convenience and high quality experience to life. In view of this, following the establishment of the IoT business unit, Intel will bring the new Atom processor E3800 series (code Bay Trail) and Quark processor to power the IoT market.

Liu Rong, Product Manager, Embedded and Consumer Electronics Division, Intel China
Liu Rong, product manager of Intel China Embedded and Consumer Electronics Division, pointed out that the Atom processor is mainly for smart phones, tablets and industrial fields, and Quark chips may be applied to the current hot wearable device market.

Liu Rong said that the security, connectivity and big data issues brought about by the networking between a large number of smart devices are receiving more and more attention and attention, and the Intel Atom processor for intelligent systems can effectively enhance the security features.

Intel Rio Tinto IoT Market

Intel Rio Tinto IoT Market

In addition, since Intel's three major mainstream processor platforms, Xeon, Core, and Atom, it has launched a huge business opportunity in the Internet of Things and the wearable market. Intel has also launched a quark processor to expand the new Internet-related market. This time, Liu Rong shared the quark timetable and several reference designs, which deserve attention.

Quark schedule

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