June 24, 2021

Large inventory of domestic full-color LED display problems

With the advancement of LED display technology and the continuous improvement of the performance of LED device materials, the application of full-color LED displays in the market is increasing. Whether walking on the streets or in shopping malls and supermarkets, full-color LED displays are everywhere. Trace, it has become an indispensable part of people's lives, and gradually become the protagonist in the LED display industry.

Let's take a look at the latest development trend of the LED display industry:

1. Deepening of product technology and diversification of products

The technical foundation and level of China's LED display industry should be fairly advanced. The main products and key technologies can be kept in line with the advanced level of the same industry in the world, but the technological level is relatively backward. Product standardization, system design and reliability , Manufacturing process, inspection and testing methods and other aspects have a clear gap with foreign countries.

LED display technology and performance are constantly improving, and the development of electronic technology is changing rapidly, which brings a good foundation for the deepening and improvement of the technology of full-color LED display products. At the same time, full-color LED displays have been widely used in various fields of social life. The development of the semiconductor lighting industry has brought a good opportunity for the full-color LED display industry. Therefore, the development prospect of the full-color LED display market is optimistic. Deepening the technical connotation, enriching the product system, diversifying products, and highlighting the advantages of leading products will be an important trend in the development of the full-color LED display industry.

2. Standardization of conventional products and specialization of application products in specific fields

The implementation and promotion of relevant standards will promote the standardization of full-color LED display products. Among the conventional LED display products, standardized display devices and control systems will be more widely adopted. Integrated LED display products will occupy a dominant position in the industry. The production of standardized LED display products and the professional market technology services The division of labor will be more obvious.

In the field of professional applications, full-color LED display products will continue to improve the level of specialization to meet the needs of professional applications. Specialized products that combine application needs will expand new products and new application fields that form full-color LED display screens, such as Large-area full-color LED displays for urban lighting projects, full-color LED displays for sports venues, and full-color LED displays for transportation.

With the development of technology and market, China's full-color LED display industry will gradually increase in the adjustment and have a reasonable division of labor, forming a new industrial pattern. In the overall industrial chain, the formation of leading enterprises in the production of LED devices and backbone enterprises in the production of full-color LED display products will redefine the division of labor between upstream and downstream industries, highlighting the professional division of labor and collaboration. Perhaps in the early stage of the development of the semiconductor lighting industry, the definition of professional division of labor and collaboration between LED device manufacturers and display product manufacturers is relatively vague, but with the expansion of the market and the maturity of technical products, this definition will become increasingly clear.

While domestic LED full-color displays have achieved good results, there are still some problems:

1. Insufficient technological innovation capability

The overall level of industry innovation needs to be improved. Mainly manifested in the lack of new products with high technological content and backbone fist products leading the market development, the phenomenon of "cloning" technologies and products is common, and there is a lack of leading enterprises in the industry that can play an active role in promoting technological progress and improving the overall development level of the industry , The company's investment in research and development is seriously insufficient. Due to the lack of technological innovation and low-level technical duplication of products, this has led to price wars in market competition and various irregular competition behaviors.

Second, the company's core competitiveness is weak

The slow technological advancement of the industry, the low level of product innovation, and insufficient technical content have led to a lack of core competitiveness.

3. Dislocation of the industrial chain

The organic integration of upstream and downstream industries, professional cooperation and division of labor are the signs of healthy development and maturity of the industry. In the LED industry, there have been many LED display packaging companies and LED device packaging companies producing and supplying display screens in recent years. Although it makes sense in terms of enterprise development, it is unreasonable in terms of the composition of the industrial chain.

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