November 27, 2020

Five tips to buy LED lights have to look

The first stroke, according to the season, the environment to choose the color temperature: color temperature range is 2700 ~ 6500K, the smaller the value is biased towards yellow light, otherwise the bias is toward blue and white light, yellow light is usually suitable for winter and bedroom, living room, restaurant and other occasions, used to create warmth comfortability. The white light is brighter and clearer, suitable for summer and study, kitchen and so on.

The second stroke, need to emphasize the color contrast, the choice of color is high: color rendering refers to the authenticity of the color of the object after being illuminated by light, the value is 0~100, now the LED color rendering standard is greater than 75, but Daren recommends 80 The above is better, people in the studio who have studios should choose a light-colored light bulb, which can reflect the authenticity of the color.

The third measure, according to the number of pings, environmental lighting needs, the choice of quantity and luminous flux: luminous flux refers to the brightness. Under the same number of pings, the number of bulbs used varies according to the environment. For example, the same 5 ping bedroom and study need 2 and 5 13 watt bulbs.

The fourth stroke, the selection of luminous efficiency is high: the higher the luminous efficiency, the more energy-saving. At present, the luminous efficiency of the LED lamp [lumen (lm) / wattage (w)] is generally higher than 80, the higher the selection value, the more power saving.

The fifth stroke, general-type LED bulbs (non-wide-angle) for down-illuminated lamps, wide-angle LED bulbs for floodlights: refers to the angle of illumination, in general, general-purpose LED bulbs are suitable for down-illuminated lamps, For example, xenon lamps; wide-angle LED bulbs are suitable for floodlights, such as wall lamps, standing lamps, and the like.

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Mechanical Buzzer

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