July 31, 2021

Application of Frequency Sweep Generator in Digital Equipment

For the introduction of a successful digital technology, proper on-site investigation is the first thing to do. This investigation and its site preparation work should be completed before any digital front-end equipment arrives at the installation to avoid unnecessary delays during the installation phase. On-site investigations should have such considerations as the availability of satellite dish antennas, front-end housing space, rack availability, grounding conditions, and power and cooling requirements.

Once the satellite dish is installed, the quality of the received signal can be observed through a spectrum analyzer. The technology of the chromatography workstation to ensure the good reception of the digital signal satellite is basically the same as the analog reception technology. The operator should confirm that the digital signal level and its carrier-to-noise ratio should meet the specification limits of the IRT input signal error correction operation, and at the same time, leave sufficient margin.

Digital installation is the same as analog installation, and proper terminal grounding at the front end prevents micro reflections. Although Tianjin Smit Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. does not affect analog signals, they can cause interference between digital signal symbols. Although DCT's adaptive equalizer may be able to correct this problem, there will be an unnecessary requirement for the equalization budget, which will reduce its ability to deal with the reflected waves of the system.

Operators should pay special attention to the level setting. It must be remembered that if the digital signal level is 10 dB lower than the corresponding analog signal carrier peak, they will not produce significant distortion. At the same time, we must pay attention to the designated allocation of digital signal frequency. The digital channel will not work well when it is adjacent to the notch channel, because the frequency response and group delay of the notch will produce distortion in its adjacent digital channel. At the same time, it is necessary to confirm that an incoherent frequency sweep system is used in the system. The frequency sweep generator is programmed to avoid placing drifting RF components in the digital portion of the spectrum.

Metal Push Button Switch

Yeswitch Metal Push Button Switches, also call Push Button Switch , is the most popular switches around the Switch Industry. This Illuminated Push Button Switch can be found on valuable machine and public ticket dispenser applications, along with other industrial type applications that require vandal resistance in a public setting

Our Push Button Switches are available in 19mm, 22mm and 25mm installation size . We have Momentary Push Button Switch and self -lock Metal Switches, which mechanical life could respectively reach 1,000,000 and 500,000 cycles. This metal switches are normally made of stainless, brass with mirror chrome plated, brass with nickel plated, AL alloy and other Industrial materials.

Waterproof Push Button Switch

On the items of button type, We also offer flat, high and round with LED Light for our customers to choose from. Meanwhile, this metal switches could equip with LED light, which have Various color . What worthy to be mentioned is that we could offer double color LED light, like red&green,red&and blue, red& and yellow,etc. In addition,the light type could be without LED,ring(fixed),sport, ring(moveable).

The advantage of this switches is that its water resistance to IP67 ratings, and have TUV, European and American environmental protection RoHS and lead-free environmental protection certification . Furthermost, its operation temperature could range from -20-85, which indicates that this metal switch could work in the very hash environment with .

Metal Push Button Switch

The terminals of our Metal Switches could be silver,gold cover silver and gold,which have very excellent electrical conductivity could greatly support all kinds of equipment and facility.  Meanwhile, our Anti Vandal Switches have multi-function to be choose from, you could choose the proper function for your equipment or products.

Metal Push Button Switch

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