November 27, 2020

Analysis of problems in LED driver power supply design

The quality of the LED driver power supply will directly affect the life of the LED , so how to do a good LED driver power is the top priority of LED power supply designers. This article will introduce some of the problems with LED driver power and hope to benefit design engineers.

In the current life, in order to save energy and save electricity, LED has been greatly promoted, but LEDs need to have a power driver, its quality will directly affect the life of LED, so how to do a LED driver is LED power designer The top priority. This article describes some of the issues with LED driver power and hopes to provide some help to engineers.

1, the drive circuit directly affects the LED life

The LED driver we refer to includes digital drive and analog drive. Digital drive refers to digital circuit drive, including digital dimming control, RGB full color change and so on. Analog drive refers to analog circuit drive, including AC constant current switching power supply, DC constant current control circuit. The driving circuit is composed of electronic components, including semiconductor components, resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc. These components have a service life, and failure of any one device may cause failure or partial failure of the entire circuit. The service life of the LED is 50,000-100,000 hours. It is continuously lit for 50,000 hours, and has a life span of nearly 6 years. The life of the switching power supply is difficult to reach 6 years. The warranty period of the switching power supply on the market is generally 2-3 years. The power supply with 6 years warranty is military grade, and the price is 4-6 times that of the ordinary power supply. The lighting factory is very difficult to accept. Therefore, the fault of the LED luminaire is mostly the failure of the drive circuit.

2, heat problem

The LED is a cold light source, the working junction temperature can not exceed the limit, and a certain margin must be left in the design. The design of the whole luminaire should consider the appearance of beautiful, easy to install, light distribution, heat dissipation and many other problems. It is necessary to find a balance among many factors, so that the overall luminaire is the best. The development time of LED luminaires is not long, you can learn from There are not many experiences, and many designs are constantly improving. Some manufacturers use power LED lamps outsourcing or outsourcing, lighting designer to know much power, heat dissipation to the LED larger space, the power to the small cooling space is. Generally, after designing the lamp, find a suitable power supply to match, which will bring certain difficulties to the power supply. Frequently encountered due to the small internal space of the lamp or the high internal temperature, and low cost control, can not be equipped with a suitable power supply. Some LED luminaires have power supply research and development capabilities. They can be evaluated at the beginning of designing the luminaires, and the power supply design can be synchronized to solve the above problems. In the design, the heat dissipation of the LED and the heat dissipation of the power supply should be comprehensively considered, and the temperature rise of the luminaire should be controlled as a whole, so that a better luminaire can be designed.

3. Problems in power supply design

a, power design. Although the LED has high luminous efficiency, there is still 80-85% of thermal energy loss, resulting in a temperature rise of 20-30 degrees inside the lamp. If the room temperature is 25 degrees, the lamp has 45-55 degrees inside, and the power supply is in a high temperature environment for a long time. Under the work, to ensure the life expectancy, it is necessary to increase the power margin, generally leaving a margin of 1.5-2 times.

b, component selection. When the internal temperature of the lamp is 45-55 degrees, the internal temperature rise of the power supply is about 20 degrees, and the temperature near the component should reach 65-75 degrees. Some components will drift in the high temperature condition, and some life will be shortened, so the device should be selected for a long time at a higher temperature, paying special attention to electrolytic capacitors and wires.

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