September 21, 2021

"Violence Taekwondo VR" Review: Be a Temperamental Comet Man

If you are very concerned about indie games and cats, you probably know about Catlateral Damage. At first it was just an online mini-game that appeared on the Internet and eventually became a PC and PS4 multi-platform game due to the explosion of popularity. Recent games have introduced a free DLC that allows players to use HTC Vive to further play the human master cat.

A picture of the entire game

The original gameplay of Catlateral Damage is very easy to understand. You are a cat and you are tired of all things that are not honestly on the ground, so you have to knock them all over. . Whether it is a computer or a book, or a food in the refrigerator, everything needs to go to the ground. So you need to operate yourself in various scenes and run and jump, press the button and flick the paw to drop everything to the ground to get the score, or complete the specified task.

Time and goal

However, the situation has changed in VR. Because of the special nature of VR, you can't sit in a chair any more, and you can easily destroy your fingers by simply moving your fingers. Now you need to bend down to keep the same level as the sundries so that you can sweep them and increase the immersion, and if necessary, knelt down. And most importantly, the action of flying your finger over a flying object changes from a simple press of a button to the need to swing the handle.

Incarnate as a Cat

So you can imagine this scene now. An adult is crouching on the ground, wearing a clumsy black object on his head, holding two strange sticks in his hands, and constantly looking like crazy in the direction of nothing. The same waving hands. Occasionally you will hear strange sounds in his mouth, such as "squeaky" and "squeaky." At this time, you may think that this person is crazy, but please do not rush to play 120, because he is likely to play "Catlateral Damage VR."

Walking in VR becomes a transmission

Of course, the state above is completely behind the scenes, and obviously not everyone is suitable for this game. If you've never cared about cats and you're interested in all sorts of wonderful things about cats, this game might be a silly "pull-up" simulation for you. Because its content is really only transmitted in four places, and then waving arms "pull things" only. Although it is possible to switch between different scenarios, the game content is basically the same. In addition to time constraints, there are no too challenging models. If you do not really want to be a cat, it is not really attractive.

The picture shows the game target crowd

But this is not absolute. When you put things down in the game, there will still be a destructive sense of satisfaction. Whether or not you will bring yourself into the role of a cat, this is a good way to exhale. As long as you pay attention not to let others see you crazy gesture.

Let’s go

"Catlateral Damage VR" is such a simple little game, there is no stunning picture, there is no plot, and even the challenge goal is sometimes unclear (based on the VR version, the original is different ). However, such a rough game can bring people laughter. It is indeed commendable. Although there is serious damage to the waist and knee during play, the feeling of knocking something is really cool...

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