July 31, 2021

How many pits smart wear? Jawbone can't do it anymore

The Verge Chinese Station reported on August 9

According to a recent report, Jawbone, a well-known wearable device manufacturer, is currently seeking buyers for its hardware manufacturing business.

According to insiders, Jawbone’s top management is currently communicating with investors and is talking to potential buyers. Since Jawbone’s founding in 1999, the current market value has been close to 900 million U.S. dollars. At present, Jawbone’s official has not disclosed any news.

Jawbone has become one of the most representative companies in the field of wearable devices, but the development in recent years does not seem to be very smooth. With the number one competitor Fitbit continuously increasing its product line and apple Apple Watch's market share, Jawbone's sales of both Bluetooth speakers and wearable devices have fallen into a bottleneck.

Not just Jawbone, many wearable device companies, including Misfit and Basis, are seeking to “sell” themselves to larger technology or apparel companies, and even sporting giant Nike has withdrawn from the wearable device market. The fate of Jawbone is likely to be very similar, and it seems that the acquisition will be announced soon.

The overall state of assets of Jawbone Corp. is also not impressive at present. BlackRock, one of Jawbone’s major investors, has been trading at an initial price of $5.97 per share and now less than $1.

At the same time, Jawbone was plagued by involvement in Fitbit's patent infringement and theft of trade secret lawsuits. And eventually the court decided that Fitbit company won the case and Jawbone lost its ownership of the relevant patent. (Original author: Nick Statt compilation: Bear)

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