November 27, 2020

NXP "Smart Life, Secure Link"

Today's consumers are eager or need uninterrupted Internet connectivity—whether at home, in the car, or on the road. Driving this interconnected revolution is the need for confidence in data security and the need to ensure that data can only be accessed by authorized users or programs. As the world's leading provider of intelligent identification solutions and the world's largest provider of security technology, NXP protects bank cards, credit cards and public transportation cards and successfully secures billions of financial transactions every day.

NXP is also committed to promoting the popularity of secure mobile transactions and NFC solutions, using NXP's technology in 90% of NFC handsets. Mobile devices are changing the way we interact with the physical world, and the convenience is seen in the 280 million NFC phones sold in 2013 (ABI's research report). Among them, 90% of mobile security transactions use NXP's NFC solution.


NXP's "Smart Life, Secure Link" application and service cover:

1. Intelligent lighting: change the color of LED bulbs through NFC smart card/cell phone

2. NXP's breakthrough mobile audio solution enhanced version, the refrigerator becomes a mini studio

3. Smart Wireless Charging Board Design – Combining Qi and NFC

4. NFC enables the interaction of smartphones with everyday applications, including the selection of coffee machine products

5. Tap NFC tags when checking out online – reduce the risk of cyber attacks on online transactions

6. NXP MIFARE mobile ticketing solution

7. NXP car entertainment, car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication solutions

Jeff Miles, vice president and general manager of NXP's mobile trading product line, said: "At this year's Mobile World Congress, NXP once again showed the world the most innovative services in a variety of applications. For a long time, security It has always been a focus of NXP's focus. As a global leader in global identification, certification and NFC solutions, we have the technical knowledge, first-class security experience and unparalleled contactless performance."

Edwin Zuidema, Director of Software Marketing at NXP, said: “What will happen to smart devices in the future will surprise you; for example, with full-band calling and voice interfaces, your device has become more intelligent than ever. In addition, LifeVibes Voice And sensing solutions will make your device more user-friendly and understand you!"


NFC is a breakthrough technology that allows devices to respond to sensed objects. NFC has expanded the potential of the "Internet of Things" to change the existing dynamic user experience. With the touch of a smartphone, contactless ticket or payment terminal with integrated NFC device tags, users can interact safely and intuitively. NXP's NFC technology was launched in 2005 by NXP Semiconductors and is now integrated into personal computers, tablets and smartphones from major OEMs. NXP provides local integration of mobile operating systems and works with mobile network operators and service providers to develop services that facilitate the delivery of tags and readers deployed by transportation operators, retailers, access control systems and advertisers .

Product Name: Car Charger

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: OEM

Output Type: DC

Connection: Other

Rated Voltage: 12V-24V

Working Temp: 0-55℃

Weight: 36g

Materials: PC+ABS

Color: White Black

Warranty: 1 year

Suitable for:Most digital devices

SMART PROTECTION & ATTRACTIVE DESIGN ------ Intelligent circuit design protects against short circuiting,over-heating,over-current,and over-charging. Charging stops when battery is full. Car charger with blue LED indicator,which makes it convenient to find exactly where the connection should go; And the light is soft enough not to distract at night.

Car Charger

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