November 27, 2020

Decline and variation of home lighting

Think about it, it should not be as simple as the name Ma Xiuhui. The positioning of home lighting was initially laid by Op, but the concept of this concept does not seem to be Op. The concept is good, it is not easy to grow, and it is harder to stick to it. Home lighting, positioning is actually very clear, is aimed at home stereotypes, different from commercial photos, it focuses on the family; different from home lighting , it focuses on stereotypes. Later, the overall concept of home lighting is nothing more than fullness.

After nearly a decade of precipitation, what kind of transformation has home lighting changed?

First of all, the best home lighting, Opp, also involved in the field of business and lanterns. Philips, the best-selling company, entered the home lighting, semi-finished semi-shaped; the first brand of domestic business, NVC, put a foot into the lantern is very deep, the performance is good. Some people even bluntly said that NVC lanterns sold well, mainly due to Li Guanming's selection of lights. The integration master of Kunming's largest dealer, the kung fu is unfathomable, and it has indeed made a great contribution to the development of NVC's home lighting.

Otlan launched a very beautiful, issued a lantern to the lantern; Hao Hao is more heroic, a number of lantern brands compete for beauty; Auxo has indeed been sticking to home lighting, but Huayi lanterns are also flourishing; Guanhua is not far behind, The lantern was sprinkled on the seventh floor of the Shengsheng; the last waiter, Hongguang, finally launched the Emperor...

From this point of view, the second-line home lighting brand is indeed unable to hold on, and has thrown a wink and olive branch to the lantern!

In fact, the lighting and lighting are not really clear, cut the bones and ribs! Even if it is a home and a business photo, where is it possible to cross the border? Even furniture, soft furnishings, accessories and lighting are integrated. What is the "prison break" of lighting?

In fact, lighting to the lighting "jailbreak", in the final analysis is not fun, but helpless! The advantages of styling products are that they are suitable for mass production, lower manufacturing costs and faster expansion. Correspondingly, the degree of homogenization is high, and it is difficult to form a differentiated competitive advantage. In this situation, the smaller the operating cost of the smaller enterprises, the worse the market situation. The end of the big fish eating small fish is actually already doomed! In many cases, the reason why small home lighting companies can survive is often to succumb to the field of sacrificing profits or big brands that they can't afford. Once the big brands free up their hands to fight back, the small brands will not be able to survive.

Therefore, small brands want to survive, are forced to withdraw or semi-exit the field of competition, to find their own advantages. The lantern products, because they will not endanger the interests of large enterprises, and are not easy to mass-produce, large enterprises are also struggling to chase them, so they can't take care of them, and they can't kill them. This is the living space of the lantern business.

Therefore, in the future of lighting, large industrialization and large commercialization are destined to be more intense, and the remaining brands will be less and less; in the field of lanterns, because of the personality and creativity sold, SMEs will live more moist. If small businesses want to live better or longer, they really have to develop in the direction of personalized products. The more individualized, the less likely the company is to die; the more personalized, the higher the profit margin.

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