November 27, 2020

Xuyu Optoelectronics XY-2 3-10W COB Finalist 2014 High-tech Golden Globe Award

[Text|High -tech LED reporter Zhao Hui] "The model is XY-2 3-10W COB light source product is the company's current largest shipments." Xu Yuguang general manager Lin Jin fill told "High-tech LED" reporter, XY -2 is also an obvious advantage in terms of quality assurance. "Chip, phosphor and other materials are from well-known manufacturers such as Epistar, Intermec and Rare Earth, which make COB products have high luminous efficiency, high index and high reliability.

Thanks to the excellent performance of this model COB product, it was successfully selected for the 2014 High-tech Golden Globe Integrated Device Award.

With the demand for downstream LED lighting applications, especially the commercial lighting market, COB light source has been recognized and widely used in commercial lighting and other fields, such as easier dimming and high density. Small package size, easy light distribution, no need for patch, reflow process, easy assembly.

According to Lin Jin fill, the model is XY-2 3-10W COB light source product, which is the company's current largest COB product, its recommended power is 3, 5, 7, 10W, forward voltage 9-32V, luminous flux Up to 90-120LM. XY-2 is widely used in COB bulbs, COB table lamps, COB street lamps, COB spotlights, COB ceiling lamps, COB downlights, COB track lights, COB fluorescent lamps, indoor and outdoor commercial lighting, decorative and entertainment lighting.

In the production process, Xuyu Optoelectronics adopts modular and standardized automatic technology; each COB is a private model that is opened, and through ISO process management, it realizes traceable restoration of process control.

"Packaging companies should do a good job of lamp beads. Material selection is the key. For example, when gold wire is used, copper wire cannot be used instead. The thermal conductivity of brass is poor, which leads to the decrease of the reliability of the lamp bead, which greatly affects the life of the lamp bead." Lin Jin fills the so-called high cost performance, that is, the same quality can achieve the most favorable price, and at the same time can provide quality products and services.

Next, the top three valid votes for each award (including juxtaposition) products will be shortlisted for the 2014 (5th) High-tech LED Golden Globe Awards, which will be finalist in the expert judges stage. The organizing committee will give the period from October 15th to 31st. The expert judges will send the ballots to vote offline, and the judges of the expert judges will determine the final winners of the Golden Globe Awards.

   A list of expert judges: http://
On the evening of December 13, the Golden Globe Awards will be announced on the spot and a grand award ceremony will be held. At the same time, the 2014 high LED annual meeting, which has attracted much attention from the industry, will be held on December 12-13, 2014 at the Dongguan Guanlan Lake Dongguan Club. This high-tech LED annual meeting, standing at the turning point of historical development, invited industry entrepreneurs to mention the industry development keywords from the three directions of “transformation”, “upgrade” and “future”, and elaborated on the viewpoint of industrial elites.

2014 High-tech LED Annual Conference Opens Crowdfunding Mode 400 seats for recognition

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