May 31, 2020

This week's mobile market price index trend

This week's mobile market price index trend I. The trend of China's mobile phone market price index The mobile phone market price index dropped slightly by 0.53 points This week, the mobile phone market price index was 101.03 points, a slight decrease of 0.53 points from last week. In the past two months, the overall price index of the mobile phone market showed a clear downward trend, and it has now approached the 100 point mark. This week, the number of products sold in the mobile phone market was 1,421, an increase of 11 compared to the previous week, and the number of manufacturers participating in the competition increased by 1 to 100.

Second, China's smart phone market price index trend Smart phone market price index slightly decreased by 0.49 points ZDC monitoring data show that this week the smart phone market price index was 94.09 points, slightly down from the previous week 0.49 points. The smartphone price index remained steady for the third consecutive week and fluctuates slightly between 94-95. The average price of smartphones this week was 2,305 yuan, a decrease of 12 yuan from the previous month.

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