May 31, 2020

In 2012, Zhengtong Electronics achieved a net profit of 42.25 million yuan, a 39% year-on-year decline.

On April 27th, Shenzhen Zhengtong Electronics released its 2012 annual report. During the reporting period, Zhengtong Electronics achieved operating income of 585 million yuan, down 14% from the previous year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 42.25 million yuan, a decrease of 39% from the previous year; basic earnings per share was 0.2 yuan, a year-on-year decrease 39%.

During the reporting period, the total operating income of Zhengtong Electronics was 585 million yuan, a decrease of 14% compared with the same period of 2011. The report shows that the main reason is the impact of the company's major commercial bank customers' inventory clearance, the decline in demand for traditional payment products, the decline in the sales volume of the company's telephone E-POS in the ABC system, and the second is the company's initiative to reduce the LED business during the reporting period. Related trade business.

The report pointed out that during the reporting period, Zhengtong Electronics actively explored the promotion and application of Led Street Lighting products in the field of LED Street Lighting products, and successfully developed the contract energy management business model in the field of energy-saving lighting.

Zhengtong Electronics said that in 2013, it will seize the favorable period of comprehensive energy-saving lighting contract energy management in China, and improve the EMC project implementation capability based on the company's relevant business operation guidelines, and ensure that the implemented projects are recycled on time. Energy saving investment income.

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