October 22, 2020

Common methods and standards for industrial lighting

The basics of lighting design for many people are mixed. For example, indoor children's shoes are usually not familiar with outdoor design. In view of this, we organized a number of volunteer teaching assistants and prepared some supplementary materials on the basic knowledge of lighting.

Constant Voltage 36V Aluminum Waterproof Led Driver

Designed for Aluminum Waterproof LED Driver IP65 OR IP67, output DC  36V Constant Current Led Driver, low voltage output, high security, easy installation, are generally aluminum, is the market common products, use a wide range, High water level is used for outdoor use.Fahold Waterproof Driver, frameless Aluminum Profile Led Driver,  Driver Pwm 5000Ma


Input voltage: 100-277vac  
output voltage:  36vdc
current: 2200mA/2700mA/4100mA.
Power factor: >0.95
Dimming:0-10V / PWM / RX 

Flicker free output.

IP67 waterproof
>=50000hours, 5 years warranty.
certificate: UL CE FCC TUV SAA ect.

Constant Voltage 24V Aluminum Waterproof Led Driver


  • Street lights.
  • Swimming pool lights
  • High bay lights


Constant Voltage 36V Aluminum Waterproof Led Driver

Fahold Waterproof Driver,Aluminum Profile Led Driver,Driver Pwm 5000Ma

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