July 07, 2020

BYD Lighting will bring new LED products to the 2013 China Beijing International Lighting Exhibition

At the upcoming 2013 China Beijing International Lighting Exhibition (April 25-27, 2013), BYD Lighting (China International Exhibition Hall 1B311) will be exhibiting with the latest development of various LED products.

At the show, BYD will show a dimmable LED light source that can directly replace 100W incandescent lamps. This product is not only high luminous flux, dimmable, but also has an illumination angle of 320°, which is the best alternative for incandescent lamps.

BYD Lighting adheres to the development of off-grid solar iron battery street lights. In addition to the continuously improved solar iron battery system, the newly developed LED street light with 0-10V dimming technology, splicing 30W-120W multi-power module and easy installation will be Debuted at this exhibition.

In addition to LED bulbs and LED street light products, BYD will display other series of new products such as dimmable ceiling lamps, dimmable PAR lamps, dimmable tubes and wireless control lighting fixtures.

In addition, during the exhibition, BYD Lighting also set up a variety of live events, gifts are given every day.

(This article is a BYD lighting submission)

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