March 03, 2021

A preliminary study on the design of night lighting in Zhengzhou City

Zhengzhou City Nightscape Lighting Design Xing Yan Chen Yuxing Deng Chao 2 (Pingdingshan Institute of Technology, Henan Pingdingshan 467001; 2. Pingdingshan City Highway Bureau, Henan Pingdingshan 467000) The study of the problem, proposed the design principles and procedures of urban night lighting.

First: Xing Yan (1968-), female, Pingdingshan, Henan, Lecturer, Department of Planning and Architecture, Pingdingshan Institute of Technology, mainly engaged in urban planning and architectural design. 1 City night lighting and urban night lighting design. City night lighting is to use lights to shape the city. The night image provides a good lighting environment for people's nightlife.

With the development of economic construction and the continuous improvement of the material and cultural life of the society, people pay more and more attention to the leisure life at night, and put forward higher requirements for the night illumination of the city. High-quality urban night lighting not only enriches people's lives, but also improves the living environment and creates a good city image. The city night lighting provides a wide-ranging stage for the release of various public service advertisements and commercial advertisements. It has enormous business opportunities and will bring great economic and social benefits to the city.

The design of urban night lighting design mainly includes: urban road lighting, building (structure) building lighting, sculpture, essays and other floodlighting and green space, plants, water surface, rockery and other environmental art lighting.

2 Problems in the design of urban night lighting in Zhengzhou 2.1 Problems in Zhengzhou night lighting 2.1. 1 Zhengzhou City night lighting status Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of Zhengzhou Trade City, the city's appearance is constantly updated, the city of Zhengzhou City Night lighting has also gradually developed.

As one of the basic lighting projects for urban night lighting, road lighting has been rapidly developed. At present, Jinshui East Road, Yingbin Avenue, Airport Expressway, Huayuan Road, Losan Road, East-West Road, East-West Street and other roads have been built in Zhengzhou City. lighting project. At the same time, Zhengzhou Zijingshan Square, Greentown Plaza and other square night lighting projects were built. The night lighting project of Zhengzhou Huancheng Expressway, Zhengzhou’s “Nanjing Road”, Dehua Street Commercial Pedestrian Street Night Lighting Project is under construction, which will make Zhengzhou City’s urban night lighting construction to a new level.

The Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government also require that all the street-facing buildings on the main roads in the urban areas must be decorated with lights. Specifically, it includes the street lights, spotlights, light boxes, floodlights, vapor lamps, and stars on 32 key roads in the city such as Huayuan Road, Renmin Road and Zhongyuan Road. To this end, Zhengzhou City also issued the "Zhengzhou City City Street signs and lighting management measures."

2.1.2 Problems in Zhengzhou Nightscape Lighting The construction of Zhengzhou Nightscape Lighting Project has added a lot of colors to Zhengzhou's night landscape, enriching people's lives, but at the same time there are some problems: lack of professional design, design techniques, old Zhengzhou The existing night lighting in the city lacks professional design, outdated design, single content, backward lighting technology, improper illumination of some lamps, insufficient illumination, discoloration, and inconsistency with architectural style.

Lack of reasonable planning and sufficient scientific basis, resulting in light pollution and waste of resources. Due to the lack of reasonable planning and sufficient scientific basis, some lighting and lighting projects are singularly pursuing the bright and colorful lighting effects, which cause problems such as disturbing the people and affecting the ecological environment, resulting in social resources. It is a huge waste and causes serious light pollution to the environment.

The outstanding performance is that most buildings do not pay attention to architectural lighting. Because of the single lighting method, only the large-area floodlighting is used, and the lack of multi-level local lighting, lack of creativity and expressiveness, makes the characteristic buildings in the day appear pale at night. No taste.

Urban floodlighting 3 neon advertising lighting and other non-standard lighting production pu illumination level.

Lack of holisticity Many units pay attention to highlighting their own image at night, but lack of overall concept, leading to the construction of night lighting, chaos, lack of focus, lack of integrity.

2.2 Problems in the design of night lighting in Zhengzhou City Through the analysis of the existing problems of Zhengzhou night lighting, it can be seen that the root cause lies in the lack of scientific and rational planning and design. At present, Zhengzhou City night lighting design has the following problems.

2.2.1 Lack of effective management mechanism, design team messy At present, the current situation of Zhengzhou city night lighting design team has the following categories: design institutes, colleges and universities, research institutes, design institutes are mainly local, due to the development of Zhengzhou night lighting design Later, there was a lack of professional design institutes. In the early days, municipal design departments (such as Zhengzhou Municipal Design Institute and Zhengzhou Street Light Management Office) mainly designed municipal road lighting, and road lighting only focused on lighting functions without considering lighting. The artistic effects of lighting, social functions and the impact on people. Universities and research institutes are mainly in Shanghai and Beijing (such as Ji University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Institute of Physics, China Architecture Design and Research Institute, etc.).

The professional design departments of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Dutch Philips, General Electric Company, Thornton, Shanghai Yaming Bulb Factory, etc., have professional design departments, and apply their own professional design software for urban night lighting design. Undertake design and construction tasks.

Various design engineering companies of various landscapes, environments, greening, advertising, decorative design engineering companies, urban night lighting as part of the company's business, also undertake design tasks.

The lighting production and sales company relies on the design institute to carry out the design and installation business.

Some small enterprises undertake design and construction tasks for construction purposes.

After investigation and analysis, the author believes that the above situation also reflects the chaotic and disorderly situation of urban night lighting design. Lighting engineering as a cross-disciplinary cross-industry, there is currently no good management mechanism to constrain its market behavior. If there is no qualified design, the purpose of selling lamps for individual companies is serious.

There is no unified management department in the night lighting design and construction of Zhengzhou City. This is the main reason for the lack of integrity, standard confusion and lack of foresight in the night city lighting in Zhengzhou.

2.2.2 The lack of scientific and unified urban night lighting technical specifications Due to the lack of scientific and unified urban night lighting technical specifications, the raw spill light has caused serious harm to people, the environment and astronomical observations, resulting in light pollution, and also caused huge resources. waste.

2.2.3 Scientific and rational planning and design are needed to guide the design of urban night lighting design. The second design of urban space through light will shape the new image of the city. Therefore, urban night lighting also needs scientific and reasonable planning and design as a guide; urban night lighting should be included in the overall urban planning, and can be in accordance with the prosperous business district, financial trade zone, education administrative zone, leisure and entertainment zone, factory enterprise zone, residential residential zone, etc. The type is properly partitioned and rationally designed so that it can rationally lay out, highlight key points, optimize resource allocation, reduce light pollution, create urban characteristics, and build a comfortable, reasonable, bright and artistic lighting environment for residents.

3 City night lighting design principles and procedures City night lighting design is divided into three levels: urban night lighting overall planning, urban night lighting detailed planning, urban important building night lighting design. For example, the lighting design of Zhengzhou City is divided into: the overall planning of Zhengzhou night lighting, the detailed planning and design of the main street and junction night lighting in Zhengzhou, and the night lighting design of important unit buildings. Small cities can be designed in two levels.

3.1 Design Principles The overall planning of urban night lighting should respect the overall urban planning.

The night lighting design of important urban sections and key parts must first conform to the overall planning of urban night lighting, and focus on the night lighting of the landmark projects reflecting the city's characteristics according to the planning priorities. In addition to functional considerations, the design of night lighting should include humanities, history, artistic creation and aesthetics.

In the design, it is necessary to control the total brightness level and brightness distribution of the scenic spot lighting, so that the illumination of the buildings on both sides of the street maintains a coordinated proportional relationship, so that the lighting is bright enough to avoid glare and light pollution. Make pedestrians feel relaxed and comfortable.

Control color tone and color distribution. The lighting colors of the buildings on both sides of the street should be coordinated, the colors should be harmonious, concise and generous, so that pedestrians at night can feel an artistic enjoyment, fully embodying "people-oriented"; pay attention to comfort, appreciation and artistry.

Make full use of high-tech. Such as fiber technology, light pipe and sulfur lamp, laser technology, light-emitting diode technology, sticker light, light illumination projection technology, hologram technology, color-changing neon technology, high-altitude light ball technology and computer technology applications.

Use energy-saving lamps to implement the principles of green lighting and energy conservation.

Fully consider convenient daily management and maintenance. For example, the lamps, lamps and light sources are regularly maintained, cleaned and replaced, so that they are always kept at a certain level. 3. Design Procedures According to the requirements of the urban night lighting master plan, the lighting methods and combination plans are proposed to the owners, and the desired results are clearly defined. The lighting methods mainly include: floodlighting, contour lighting, neon lighting, internal light lighting, and searchlight lighting.

The illuminance standard "determines the design illuminance.

Collecting the photoelectric characteristics of common electric light sources, according to its scope of application, cost performance, etc., preliminary determination of light source and luminaire, light color tone, brightness distribution and so on.

Calculate according to the unit volume method, the luminous flux method, the luminous intensity method or directly use the computer professional software to draw the color renderings through three-dimensional modeling, cloth lighting and beam rendering.

Adjust the position of the lamps according to the building and the surrounding environment, pay attention to safety, beauty, concealment, and avoid glare.

The city night lighting control adopts three-level control methods such as weekdays, general festivals and major celebrations.

3. Strictly manage the healthy development of urban nightscape lighting. The design and construction of urban nightscape lighting can only be ensured in the scientific, unified, standardized and strict management of urban management departments to ensure a harmonious and unified urban night image. Gradually improve relevant laws and regulations, in order to encourage the correct and effective construction of urban night lighting, to restrain and eliminate the random and lack of foresight of urban night lighting construction, thus ensuring the healthy development of urban night lighting construction.

4 City Night Illumination is a multidisciplinary engineering city. Night lighting is a systematic project involving multiple disciplines, involving optics, physics, environmental science, architecture, building materials science, and humanities, history, aesthetics and art. Subject. Urban night lighting is also a systematic project. To truly do urban night lighting design, we must consider not only the urban road lighting, landscape lighting, single building lighting, traffic signals, and the coordination between commercial and advertising lighting. It is necessary to consider the interaction and integration of different buildings, different environments and different functions to make it a beautiful and beautiful city landscape.

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