July 31, 2021

Picture quality is the king's inventory of those high-quality OLED TVs

As the saying goes gold nine silver and ten, is the outbreak of television industry sales, many TV manufacturers also choose to release new products at this time and engage in promotional activities to seize market share. For consumers, the most important thing in buying a TV is of course the quality of the TV. At this stage, there are a lot of new display technologies in the TV market: HDR, OLED, quantum dots, 4K and even 8K. The dazzled. In fact, the current television industry is mainly divided into two camps: OLED and LCD. Regardless of quality or future trends, OLED TVs are relatively more outstanding and deserve more attention.

OLED is a completely different innovation technology than liquid crystals. It possesses physical advantages that LCD technology cannot match, self-luminous characteristics, true color, zero delay, infinite contrast, extreme ultra-thin, and flexible display. Because the organic light self-luminesces, it can present the best natural color. And completely without the backlight, you can control every pixel to achieve no light leakage, showing perfect black and infinite contrast.

Comparison of OLED and LCD Lighting Principles

OLED products can achieve pure black and infinite contrast
In 2016, it was also destined to be a year of innovation in the television industry. OLED TVs and HDR technologies of various brands have become hot spots in the industry, indicating that the television industry must finally “return to the origin of quality”. Looking at the current OLED TV market, many OLED camp manufacturers led by LG have enriched their own OLED TV product lines. The OLED camp's wings can be described as an unprecedented fullness. Below, the author will take stock of several current excellent OLED TV products for everyone, hoping to help in the purchase.

OLED and HDR alliance LG OLED65G6P-C

LG's new ultra-high-end home appliance series LG Signature LG G6 OLED TV won the "2016 CES Best Innovation Award" when it debuted at the CES earlier this year. The next AWE also won the "Epland Award." Among them, the series of 65-inch TVs uses a unique thin and light suction screen design, product ultra-thin, 2.57mm OLED panel, and into this year's hot HDR technology, translucent glass backplane, forward audio speaker system. To achieve this streamlined silhouette, the designer removed some unnecessary element features and combined the speaker and TV base. At present, this TV is priced at 59999 in Jingdong Mall. The users who are pursuing the ultimate in picture quality and luxury quality may wish to pay attention.

The LG G6 is equipped with the "HDR Pro" system, and LG said that the system can "through the adjustment of brightness, so that the TV's visible image and the actual image display the same effect." At the same time, this TV also supports the "Infinite Contrast" function, which can turn off the backlight completely through self-illuminating pixels. This means that the LG G6 does not emit light at all when displaying black, or at least reduces the brightness to 0.00005 nits.

OLED+HDR image quality is more outstanding
OLED+HDR can undoubtedly bring about more outstanding picture performance. Because HDR technology requires high partition, high brightness range, high contrast and other requirements, it is perfectly matched with the characteristics of independent emission of each pixel of the OLED screen. HDR technology adds HDR algorithm to OLED 4K screen body, which makes OLED and HDR technology complement each other, stimulating its maximum potential, thus greatly improving the dynamic range of the picture and ultimately displaying the HDR content without loss. Brighter and clearer images and more accurate color performance give the user an immersive experience. At the same time, the brightness of the screen is brighter, and the details of the sensitive area are more clearly displayed, allowing the user to miss any picture details.

LG also cooperated with high-end audio brand Mankadun and designed the front bar speaker system for the LG G6. Its speakers are facing forward, instead of facing down like many slim-line TVs, allowing the TV audience to hear clear and detailed. Excellent sound without distortion and reflection. The subwoofer is equipped with a bar sound system, and the more powerful sound effects make the LG G6 TV different from other ultra-thin TVs.

In terms of system UI, this LG 65-inch TV adopts a newly upgraded webOS 3.0 operating system. This is a tired look at the Android operating system that is based on Android. Suddenly it seems that webOS is particularly fresh and refined. If you want to use a word to describe webOS 3.0, it's smart. The colors are united, the style is simple, and they are in tune with the TV. Different columns have a uniform tone tendency, plus a background gradient or translucent treatment, so that the interface does not appear cluttered and has a light sense of space.


[Reference price] 59999 yuan
[Dealer] Jingdong

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