July 31, 2021

creative! Hawaii Tourism Bureau Uses VR to Promote Island Experience

The purpose of using VR in the travel industry is simple. This technology allows people anywhere in the world to experience what they would like to travel to. VR has been used by many airlines and travel industry operators. After that, the Hawaii Tourism Administration (HTA) has also used the VR travel experience in order to better promote Hawaiian islands.

Hawaii's four islands, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii were specifically mentioned in this Hawaiian VR travel experience. The experience content was used to paraglider from the blue sky of the island. Experiencers can choose different islands to explore, and then they will land on this island to experience a journey and experience its unique charm and natural environment and tourist attractions. At the same time, there will be a local islander's narration to introduce you to travel.

Hawaii's VR experience combines real-time and interactive content to provide a virtual sightseeing experience of stunning views of the island, including the coastline, waterfalls, and rainforests, and includes activities such as hula, surfing, and catamaran sailing. .

Leslie Danc, vice president of market development at HTA, said: "All those who wish to go to Hawaii or dream of going to Hawaii will be surprised by the sudden immersive experience of this moment. This virtual reality trip is a new platform to showcase Hawaii's cultural and natural environment is the two most important aspects that we hope to attract the world’s eyes.”

This VR experience will be an educational tool for tourists and professionals in the tourism industry to help them understand the diversity of Hawaiian islands and attract more tourists.

This experience will be presented at the 2016 Hawaii Hawaii Tourism Conference on September 26-30. The demo in the Tech Hub at Village Square will be open to attendees and everyone will experience the experience.

The concept of this experience was co-sponsored by OMD's Zero Code, the MVNP in Hawaii, and Framestore, a visual effects company. HTA also plans to launch a version that supports Oculus Rift and Android phones at the end of this year.

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