April 17, 2021

LED light source or laser analysis of BMW / Mercedes-Benz / Audi three new lighting technology

In recent years, the German top three (Audi) has been working hard, and has introduced multi-beam LED headlights, intelligent laser headlights and matrix led headlights , which have the same eye-catching eye as the Monkey King. Below, the author will work with you to learn about the new lighting technology of the German three strongest, to see the best and worse with the eyes of Qitian Dasheng.

As everyone knows, the eye of the fire is that Sun Wukong has been burned in seven hundred and forty-nine days in the gossip of Taishang Laojun. The biggest effect is that he can recognize the monster and let Sun Wukong know at a glance. Is it a person, a god or a monster? However, the eyes of Sun Wukong will also be eye-catching, that is, because of the moment, the great demon, the cow demon who turned into a pig, will chew the banana fan from his own hands.

LED light source or laser Analyze the new lighting technology of BMW/Benz/Audi

LED light source or laser Analyze the new lighting technology of BMW/Benz/Audi

In contrast, the lighting technology developed by the German three strongest, through the use of laser and led light source , compared to the traditional halogen or Xenon headlights in the illumination intensity, and better in terms of use time and lighting response speed, etc. Performance, let the driver drive clearly at night, can clearly see the "is a demon" in front, to avoid. Further, Mercedes latest multibeam led large lamps, for example, may be performed by a camera located in the front windshield post for traffic monitoring, each LED light source automatically adjusts the opening and closing speed of up to 100 times per second. There will never be an unexpected situation like Sun Wukong’s momentary intention.

LED light source or laser Analyze the new lighting technology of BMW/Benz/Audi

The multi-beam LED headlights used in Mercedes-Benz CLS consist of a total of 48 LED units, each controlled individually by a smart chip, enabling automatic adjustment of illumination distance, direction and brightness. When the speed of the vehicle is gradually increased, the front lights can automatically increase the illumination distance and increase the brightness, which brings a better illumination vision for the driver to drive at night and improves driving safety. In addition, the new lighting system is equipped with an intelligent road condition sensing system, which scans the camera to determine the curve ahead of time. Before the driver turns the steering wheel, the light has been turned to the direction to go, and the intelligent lighting is truly achieved.

LED light source or laser Analyze the new lighting technology of BMW/Benz/Audi

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