October 22, 2020

Appliances put on smart coats will be high

Appliances put on smart coats will be high

When it comes to smart home appliances, perhaps the earliest smart concept is when a few rice cookers are used. If you press it gently, sweet rice will be ready for a while. With the continuous progress of the Internet and the Internet of Things, home appliances around people have become more interactive with people than ever before. Air-conditioning can be remotely controlled, refrigerators can intelligently recommend recipes, and washing machines can “read” the material of clothes and auto-sweeping functions. Find your charging spot after sweeping around...

Although these appliances have become increasingly "IQ", but the reporter found that the number of people who go to home appliance stores to purchase smart appliances is still not the majority, and among these consumers are mostly young people. What is the practical value of smart home appliances and when can they be accepted by most families like ordinary home appliances?

The "smart" function costs at least 2,000 yuan more than a regular TV. A 50-inch smart TV costs 8,000 yuan, while a non-intelligent TV only sells 3,000 yuan. The difference between the two is 5,000 yuan. For this reason, some customers feel that smart TVs are too expensive. A sales person from GOME Store told the reporter that the reason why smart TV is expensive is due to many reasons. First, a large amount of intelligent software is installed in the machine, but ordinary TV does not; second, in order to ensure the viewing effect, smart TV manufacturers are Supporting the upgrade of the TV hardware, the panel is a high-priced material, containing 8 cores, 10 core chips; ordinary TV in these areas can not do.

Despite this, some customers feel that buying smart TVs is too expensive. To this end, some customers came up with ways to save money: buying an ordinary non-smart flat-panel TV, adding a set-top box, it became a smart TV. A netizen Tucao: Although smart TVs can play games online, buying a smart set-top box costs 300 yuan to play games. You can also watch videos and install various software. Compare: The "smart" function on the set-top box only costs more than 300 yuan, and the "smart" function on the TV should cost at least 2,000 yuan more.

According to industry sources, smart TVs are currently more expensive, mainly due to the fact that the cost of developing software in the early stage of the manufacturer is too high, so the price is naturally higher, but the viewing effect of ordinary TVs with set-top boxes and the sound and picture effects of a 4K high-definition TV are watched. It is completely different. In addition, smart TVs have more performance, such as 2D conversion 3D, allowing customers to watch 3D blockbusters at home while non-smart TVs do not. With the acceleration of the upgrading of smart TVs, it is expected that its high price level is expected to gradually come down. In the current situation, customers with economic conditions should still buy a smart TV, while those with average economic conditions can buy flat-panel TVs and install set-top boxes.

Labeling smart home appliances on smart home appliances

In addition to smart TVs, smart refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners are much more expensive than non-intelligence. For example, a vertical central air conditioner is generally priced at more than 10,000 yuan, while the price of an intelligent vertical air-conditioner is as high as nearly 20,000 yuan, which is more than a few thousand dollars. The price of smart refrigerators is also higher than ordinary refrigerators. For example, a two-door smart refrigerator sells for 16,000 yuan; non-intelligent only 10,000 yuan. Although the difference between intelligent washing machines and non-smart washing machines is not too big, each one is at least more than 1,000 yuan. It is worth noting that some small home appliances are also covered with smart clothes. For example, a soya-bean milk machine with a preset time device sells for more than 900 yuan each; the selling price without a preset time is only 600 yuan. A home appliance professional pointed out that the soymilk belt with preset functions is not truly intelligent in the strict sense. It can only be automated at best. The price of a smart vacuum cleaner is more than 6,000 yuan. Sales personnel said that the vacuum cleaner can automatically identify the location and plan cleaning. It is no different from the robot. It is particularly convenient and practical.

Intelligent household appliances can't be used to make more contributions. It's definitely not the better the performance, and it can't be changed. One netizen said that he bought a smart pressure cooker selling for more than 1,200 yuan. In addition to ordinary cooking (porridge) and stew, other fancy so-called smart functions simply do not apply. They are pure furnishings. The intelligent rice cooker originally refers to a new generation of rice cookers that is different from the traditional mechanical cookers. It is controlled by a computer chip program and monitors the temperature in real time to flexibly adjust the size of the firepower to automatically complete the cooking process. It has three characteristics: "good cooking, appointment timing, and multiple functions." However, some smart rice cooker companies selling on the market have added many special intelligent functions to their products: for example, they can change the smell of rice and eat better; stews eliminate seasoning, and are still delicious. Due to the fact that intelligence is too generic, some citizens are skeptical about the authenticity of intelligence.

For smart home appliances can finally usher in the market recognition, industry experts believe that with the development of science and technology, the daily needs of the people will gradually change, "convenient and efficient appliance technology will win the consumer's Favor." But not all intelligence can meet the people's actual needs. If intelligence is removed from the convenience of consumers, such intelligence may not have a future.

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