May 31, 2020

Chuan Lunda cooperates with Op Lighting to attack the mainland LED lighting market

Since Ronda has integrated and integrated LED dies, packaging and LED luminaires, it can provide customers with one-stop service, attracting the second largest LED manufacturer in mainland China, Dehao Runda and Op Lighting to actively seek shareholding and strategic alliance. It is said that Opto Lighting will Recently, he signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ronda to jointly attack the mainland LED lighting market. In this regard, Ronda said that it does not comment on individual customers.

The LED lighting era is coming, the demand for LED lighting in the mainland is strong, and the LED factory is the trend of Evergrande. The technology of Taiwan LED factory is good, attracting the mainland LED factory to actively contact, hope to have an alliance opportunity, due to the Ronda from LED die After the package was started, after the integration of Power League on February 1 this year, the layout of lamps and lighting products is more complete, providing customers with one-stop service, and the production management of Ronda is far superior to the mainland factory, so it attracts the same as Ronda. I hope to take the one-stop model of Dehao Runda, as well as Op Lighting, and hope to win shares in Ronda or strategic alliance with Ronda.

It is understood that the European popular Dehao Runda has contacted Ronda and expressed its willingness to express the strategic alliance. It is still waiting for the chairman of AUO Group Li Xiaoyao to nod, but it is said that the cooperation conditions of Oupu are better than that of Dehao Runda and Op. Lighting is expected to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Ronda in recent days to join forces in the mainland LED lighting market.

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