September 21, 2021

Jinzhou introduced the method of public lighting annual electricity saving rate of 13.4%

It was learned from the financial department of Jinzhou City that the city has implemented the "Measures for the Administration of Lighting for Municipal Public Facilities Lighting" and other related measures, so that the energy-saving and consumption-reducing operation has achieved remarkable results. In 2007, the city's public lighting facilities used a total of 7.85 million yuan. The actual electricity consumption in the year plus the electricity consumption of new facilities in the year), the actual electricity consumption is 6.8 million yuan, the electricity cost is 1.05 million yuan, and the savings rate is 13.4%.

There are more than 7,000 street lamps in Jinzhou City. The Municipal Street Lights has formulated the “Detailed Rules for Energy Saving of Street Lights in Jinzhou Street”, which stipulates the implementation of single-sided lighting after 23 o'clock at night. The relevant departments severely investigated and dealt with the illegal use of public utilities, and completely eliminated public utilities. Public facilities lighting is mainly for parks and plazas. The "Jinzhou City's Electricity Management Plan for Public Facilities Lighting" stipulates that no unit or individual may arbitrarily expand the scope of electricity consumption of public facilities, and strengthen the lighting time management of parks, square lights and landscape lights.

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