September 21, 2021

China-North Korea joint venture opened to fill the lighting blank (figure) - Lighting, North Korea

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On the website of the Chinese Embassy in North Korea, the China-North Korea joint venture, Pyongyang Yaming Lighting Joint Venture Club, held its opening ceremony on the 27th. Chinese Ambassador to the DPRK Liu Xiaoming, North Korean Electronics Industry Wu Shouyong, Vice President Kang Chunnan, Shanghai Yidian Holdings (Group) Zhang Linyi, chairman of the company, was invited to attend.

At the opening ceremony, after the representatives of the joint ventures spoke separately, they addressed the electronics industry, Wu Shouyong and Ambassador Liu Xiaoming.

In his speech, Wu Shouyong said that under the care of the top leaders of the two countries, the friendly relations between the two countries have been continuously consolidated and developed. The opening ceremony of the Pyongyang Yaming Lighting Joint Venture Club is a proud event. It is believed that the joint venture club will make contributions to the common development of the joint venture parties and even the development of the DPRK-China friendship and cooperation with the joint efforts of the cadres and employees.

In his speech, Ambassador Liu first extended warm congratulations to the joint venture parties and thanked the relevant departments of the DPRK for their support and assistance to the project. Ambassador Liu reviewed the progress made in the relations between China and the DPRK in the past year and introduced China's foreign economic and trade cooperation policy. He pointed out that China has always pursued an open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win, and the Chinese government has adopted policies, funds, and Supporting services and other aspects actively support Chinese companies to "go global", carry out international operations in research and development, production, sales and other aspects, and promote mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with countries around the world. He hopes to see more Chinese companies like Shanghai Yaming Bulb Factory to invest and build factories, and seek common development with North Korean comrades to benefit the two peoples. He believes that with the support and assistance of the relevant departments of the Chinese and North Korean governments, with the joint efforts of the joint venture parties, Pyongyang Yaming Lighting Joint Venture Club will be a model for mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the DPRK. He finally wished the joint venture a smooth and prosperous operation, contributing to Pyongyang's lighting project and North Korea's lighting industry.

After the opening ceremony, Ambassador Liu, Wu Shouyong Electronics Industry, Kang Chunnan Vice President, and Chairman of Shanghai Yidian Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. Zhang Linyi cut the ribbon and visited the factory.

Pyongyang Yaming Lighting Joint Venture Club is a joint venture between Shanghai Yaming Bulb Factory Co., Ltd. and North Korea Pyongyang Lighting Accessories Factory. It mainly produces energy-saving lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps and other lighting lamps to fill the North Korean lighting industry. Whitespace.

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