October 24, 2021

30 kinds of LED lights have quality problems, Inner Mongolia 2016 circulation field sampling results

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Administration for Industry and Commerce recently announced the results of the quality inspection of LED lights in the circulation field in 2016. The quality of 30 kinds of LED lamps has quality problems, mainly due to the fact that the lamp power and harmonics do not meet the relevant standards.

For the unqualified goods found in the spot check, the administrative department for industry and commerce has ordered to stop the sale and imposed penalties in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Any unqualified commodity producers and related dealers shall, in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, take the initiative to take measures such as recall, removal, and delisting. If no relevant measures are taken, the industry and commerce department will be in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests. The provisions of the regulations are investigated and dealt with.

The administrative department for industry and commerce reminds consumers that when purchasing lamps, they should pay attention to the selection of famous brand products produced by well-known enterprises; the product logo should be checked when purchasing, the specifications, models and trademarks of the products should be consistent with the instructions, and the product manual or nameplate should have The national compulsory certification mark (namely CCC mark), the name of the manufacturer, the factory inspection certificate, and the execution standard code. Don't stray into low-cost traps when buying lamps, and avoid situations where product quality cannot be guaranteed.

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Industry and Commerce Bureau 2016 list of unqualified products for quality inspection of LED lights in circulation

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