May 31, 2020

LED industry players on both sides look forward to working together to expand the LED industry

This afternoon, in 2008, the cross-strait LED industry project matchmaking meeting was held in Xiamen Hotel. Most of the projects that appeared in this matchmaking meeting were new technologies and new products. The cross-strait LED industry hopes to join hands to make the big LED cake through such a communication platform.

The matchmaking conference has launched more than 60 projects from both sides of the Taiwan Straits, of which 14 projects have been brought by Taiwan. Taiwan's LED industry has a high reputation in the world, new technologies and new products are emerging one after another, and the motherland has a vast market. Taiwanese companies hope to find cooperation opportunities through Xiamen platform to make their new technologies and products better. The promotion, together with the big LED this cake. Xiamen Enterprise Donglin Electronics Co., Ltd. signed an application project on solar energy at night with Taiwan New Spectrum Co., Ltd. on the spot.

Xiamen Donglin Electronics Co., Ltd. Lin Xiu Shui: They (the Taiwan side) provide chips, we provide the entire joint to string together, make the whole product, the city tastes including assembly, including the conversion of light energy into power supply, circuit design.

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. has also brought three new technologies, one of which is LED high-power outdoor LED light engine, which is said to solve the problem of heat and water in outdoor light engines. They also hope to find a partner at the matchmaking meeting.

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Lu?) Ming: With such a briefing, we can get in touch with the enterprises in Xiamen, and then there are more opportunities for cooperation. We also hope to bring some technologies developed by Hong Kong. I came to Xiamen and was able to bring some of the high quality products produced by Xiamen back to Hong Kong.

Deputy Mayor Ye Chonggen attended the matchmaking meeting in the afternoon.


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